Saturday, January 3, 2009

Looking back—the beginning

At the start of 2008 I set a precedence for the upcoming months—it was going to be a good year. For the most part, it was. The good far outweighs the bad, but the bad seemed to come in full force right at the end of the year. It's those things that left me with a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth for 2008. Right up to the very last day of 2008, when we shelled out a couple of grand to fix my car. Bitter taste, indeed.

Come on '09!

Before 2009 gets too far underway, I thought I'd take a look back at 2008 and what I shared on this little blog. Let's look at the first six months, shall we?

In January I made a list of goals. Not resolutions, but manageable goals. The big one on the list? Read 10 novels in 2008. A breeze for many of you but I had found myself in a rut of reading lots of things, but nothing just for me. I achieved the goal in early August and managed to rekindle my love of reading once more. I set another goal to read 15 books in 2009 and picked up my first read at the library yesterday—Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris.

In February we made G-tot his first snowman, bought a new couch, and were rear-ended by some jackass. That last one was a little scary since G-tot was with us.

I wrote a letter to my body in March and 19 days later my baby turned one. Enough said.

April was a big month for me. Not only did I have to leave G-tot for three days while I went on a business trip to Chicago, it was also the month I started the list. 101 in 1001. It has proven to be a remarkable tool in helping me accomplish a myriad of things in my life. To date, I've finished 37 of the items. Not bad for 259 days.

In May one of the disrespectful Little League parents had the audacity to park in our driveway. It still boggles my mind how they thought this would be okay. Fuckers.

And in June? Well, it looks like most of June was spent outside exploring the world.


Shades said...

Damn Winter Solstice...

Vegas Princess said...

I loved reading all your back posts. It was fun to remember the journey you took throughout the year. And I am so happy you started reading again. It is nice to have so many cool people to talk books with. You, Shades, Cruel Shoes and my best friend Marie have made reading a blast with our book exchnages and reviews. Can't wait to see what 2009 brings!

Rick said...

Hello Pixie,

Please forgive my boldness, but I am doing a big of blog surfing to tell people about my giveaway. This isn't some kind of gimmick. It is just my way of celebrating two years of blogging. I am giving away a free caricature drawn by me. I hope that you will come over and check it out.

Janine said...

You are going to love Me Talk Pretty One Day! Let me know what you think! Here's to a fun and happy 2009. Looking forward to reading more about you and your family.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Shades—Stupid aligning of the cosmos.

VP—I love having Good Reads to stay connected with what everyone is reading.

Rick—Thanks for stopping in buddy.

Janine—I love MTPOD already! JQ started reading the same copy and I had to take it away from him. I'm sure he'll want to read it when I'm done.