Wednesday, May 14, 2008

101 in 1001—the list

The reason I'm doing this is here.

The main reason? To become a better, more fulfilled person. The list took quite awhile to put together. I wanted all of my items to be something I could accomplish but nothing too easy. Some will be cake compared to others if I just do them. As I complete each item I'll be referring back to this master list to check them off. Because I'm Obsessive-Compulsive I've arranged my list items into categories. I did this not only for the orderliness of it, but also to make sure that I didn't have any one area too heavy with to-dos. I fell a bit short in the "meet new people" section. I guess I need to work on that next time.

There are all sorts of reasons that these items are on my list. I'd love to hear your thoughts on them. Wonder why I put something on my list? Just ask. See something on there you've always wanted to do? Let me know in the comments. Think I'm crazy? Well, that's a given.

Here we go...

101 in 1001

Start date: Saturday, April 19, 2008
Finish date: Saturday, January 15, 2011

For Others
1. Participate in a walk for charity
2. Volunteer for a least one hour somewhere
3. Donate to a worthy cause
4. Write a letter to someone
5. Send a "just because" package to a friend
6. Send a "just because" package to a blogger buddy (5.13.08)
7. Give $5 to a stranger in need

Health & Nutrition

1. Get back to goal weight
2. Exercise (cardio) 3 days a week for one month
3. Do Strength Training 2 days a week for one month
4. Do Yoga 3 days a week for one month
5. Eat whole foods (nothing processed) for one week
6. Buy bikes (again) and go on a long ride (6.07.08 rode to Penguin Palace & back—approx. 7 miles)
7. Shoot my bow
8. Do 10 "regular-style" pushups
9. Eat breakfast (by 10 am) everyday for one week (7.18.08)
10. Do not eat after 10:30 pm for one week (7.18.08)

Family Time
1. Take G-tot to Butterfly House 8.05.08)
2. Take G-tot camping (just the 3 of us)
3. Travel overnight with G-tot
4. Go to a corn maze
5. Take a hayride (9.26.08)
6. Take G-tot to Storytime at the library (9.18.08)
7. Take G-tot to the Art Museum
8. Have a picnic with JQ & G-tot (7.11.08)
9. Become Zoo Members (4.27.08)
10. Take G-tot to an outdoor music event (7.11.08)
11. Get a family portrait taken
12. Take G-tot to the pool/beach (6.12.08)

Cooking & Entertaining
1. Make bracciole
2. Make a cake and frosting from scratch
3. Can something (homemade pasta sauce, homemade pickles, etc.) (6.29.08, rum soaked cherries)
4. Make creme brulee
5. Host an "Appetizers" party
6. Host a wine and cheese party
7. Make homemade ice cream (6.14.08)
8. Showcase the harvest from our garden in one meal (7.10.08, 7.15.08)

Arts & Crafts
1. Make a wooden "g" for G-man's door
2. Take an art class (preferably glass blowing)
3. Learn CSS (fall 2008)
4. Edit home movies into DVD's
5. Learn Screenprinting
6. Letterpress something again
7. Sketch everyday for one week (6.30.08)
8. Enter a photography competition
9. Exhibit my artwork in a gallery setting
10. Create a short art film (abstract, documentary, or conceptual)
11. Create photo books
12. Make plaster hand print (G-man's)

1. Grow Melons or Pumpkins
2. Finish bird sanctuary in backyard (7.05.08)
3. Plant bulbs (4.19.08)
4. Enlarge garden (5.9.08)
5. Make a worm bin (composting)
6. Make a rain barrel
7. Make a yard compost bin
8. Build a platform bird feeder
9. Build a birdhouse
10. Make homemade suet cakes for birds (11.22.08)
11. Grow a root veggie (spring/summer 2008, green onions)

Domestic Life
1. Remodel bathroom (11.26.08)
2. Repaint the living room (7.24.08)
3. Create prints for the bedroom
4. Tile the back steps
5. Compile an emergency kit for home
6. Organize the office
7. Put up cabinets in office
8. Sell or donate unwanted items in basement
9. Get all items from Gam's that belong to us (7.26.08)

Meeting New People
1. Meet neighbors (Toby's wife & son) (Christine & Chase 11.12.08)
2. Befriend Amanda (other neighbor) (Fall 2008)
3. Network at a design function
4. Contact a stranger for a student group function (10.14.08 Madhouse)

Enriching our Lives
1. Canoe
2. Take a train ride
3. Visit an aboretum (preferably w/ japanese gardens)
4. Go to planetarium
5. Meditate on regular basis (2-3 times per week for one month)
6. Learn to play Chess
7. Play Risk with JQ
8. Go on a guided tour (park, museum, etc.)
9. Attend two Summer/Fall Festivals (Blackswamp, Crosby Gardens, Apple Butter, etc.)
10. Take at least one class towards my Master's Degree
11. Take a dance class
12. Attend a religious service
13. Go to a book/poetry reading
14. Go to an open mic event at a cafe/coffeeshop
15. Attend a play put on by a local theatre group
16. Learn to play a kid's tune on the guitar

1. Obtain domain and launch website
2. Launch Etsy shop (9.06.08)
3. Sell something on Etsy (9.11.08)
4. Write reviews of books (Sourcebooks)
5. Enjoy a cup of coffee with a sunrise
6. Read 10 books in 2008 (8.21.08)
7. Read 15 books in 2009
8. Get up by 7:30 am every morning for one week (7.26.08)
9. Take public transportation (or walk/ride bike) for an entire day (5.27.08)
10. Wear fingernail polish for entire week (11.20.08)
11. Wear toenail polish for entire week (5.31.08)
12. Write a reflective essay about the process of 101 in 1001

Did you read them all? Good for you!


Nobody™ said...

Lots of stuff here I'd like to do as well.

I sort of have an emergency kit for home (actually, a backpack so I can grab it and go anywhere), but I haven't set aside any food or water yet. With the time I spend working with an Emergency Management Agency I should really be on the ball with that more.

You really should set up a website. I can get you up and running on my web hosting service. I'm very inexpensive.

Lynda said...

Under Family Time seems you can accomplish #3 with #2.

For getting rid of stuff in the basement, I would recommend you put it in the back of your car. Unless it's furniture or something.

Tim said...

G-Man isn't up by 7:30am every morning? Lucky you.

Maybe sometime over the next 1000 days I'll make a list.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

nobody—You host websites? I did not know that.

lynda—If I put it in my car then I have to be leaving immediately afterwards. Otherwise, it just sits in the trunk.

tim—Ha! No, G-man is up usually by 6 (and still wakes up for a couple minutes around 4 every morning). I've just gotten into a bad habit of bringing to bed with me and letting him nurse then fall asleep between us. We'd sleep until 8 or so. I'm talking about being up and OUT OF BED for the day by 7:30. Not lazing around watching cartoons under the covers.

Nobody™ said...

yes, I host websites. I was going to start a real hosting company and actually market the service, but I'm lazy, LOL. I only have a hand full of customers, but I'm not looking to get to rich.

Kimberly said...

Wow..this is incredibly inspiring. I am going to go back and read it again..and maybe take notes.

physics girl said...

Good grief, I am tired just reading it!
Way to go, there are so many fantastic ideas on there I never would have thought of. Hope you have lots of fun!

Cruel Shoes said...

I read them all and they're great. :) This is such a good idea. I might do a 101 too, but I already know that about 90 of them would be "finish my book."

When you open that Etsy site, let me know so I can buy stuff. I love stuff. Handmade stuff is the BEST.

Think Frustrated said...

Cool stuff. We've been Zoo members for like 5 years. It totally pays for itself at our Zoo. We get a 10% discount on everything, free parking, free admission, free admission to the children's Zoo, free admission to the family play zoo, 4 tickets to te dolphin show, 4 tickets to ride on the natural gas tram, and some other stuff.

Vegas Princess said...

This is just incredible. I don't think I could come up with 101 things. Maybe I should try...

I do have one question and one suggestion. What is CSS? And under Meet New People you could add meet a blogger friend in person. Because it is going to happen one day. :)

❉ pixie ❉ said...

nobody—I may just seek you out when I'm ready to finish that goal. I still have a lot of design work to do.

kimberly—Please do. And if you start a list, let me know.

physics girl—I know, it's a lot. 101 things did not come easy for me.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

cruel shoes—Awesome. I registered for the Etsy store. Now I just need to finish setting it up and get some items in there. I will absolutely let you know.

tf—We've already been to the zoo three times since we bought the membership at the end of April. Three times with parking and 2 adults pays for the membership. Everything from here on out is on the zoo. Not to mention all the other extras—Lights before Xmas, discounts in the shops, entrance to a bunch of zoos across the country.'s tax deductible. What zoo are you going to? Brookfield? That zoo is awesome. Well, it was the last time I was there—14 years ago.

vp—CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It's what a lot of websites and most blog templates are based on. I can tweak a little but really need to learn all the jargon and ins and outs.

I was going to put meet a blogger on my list but I'm not sure if it would happen in the next 1001 days. I was going to try to meet up with Cruel Shoes in August of 2006 but I had terrible morning sickness when I was in AZ that year. Someday...

Nobody™ said...

maybe I'll trade hosting in exchange for some css/design work!

Anonymous said...

I love this!