Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sweet Coraline, bum, bum, bum

I cannot wait to see this! It looks amazing and I love the fact that it is going to be shown in 3D (at least in the beginning, I think). Here's HBO's First Look at Coraline. Check it out.


Lora said...

I just posted last week how that movie looks so scary to me! I used to have nightmares as a little girl about a woman who looks EXACTLY like the Other Mother.

I'm seriously losing sleep after seeing the trailer!

You'll have to let me know how this is. Maybe if it isn't too scary I'll go see it.

Sarah Jane said...

Ooh ooh ooh! I've only seen a poster for this and I already want to see it. I'm a sucker for animated films.

Shades said...

*shakes head*
You and Lisa both amaze me. I got to see the trailer for this when we went to see M and M over Christmas and that alone scared the crap out of me! I found it very disturbing. I wasn't aware that there was even a book about it, let alone a movie. I definitely don't want to see it. Probably that's the kid-who-wasn't-allowed-to-see-The Nightmare Before Christmas -and-still-never-has in me speaking.

I was, however, stunned to hear on Live! yesterday that it took 3 years or so to make. And was rather impressed to find that Teri Hatcher does the voiceovers for all 3 of the "moms".

The rest *shudder*.

Lynda said...

I want to see it too!

Vegas Princess said...

I'm of the "No way in hell" camp will I be seeing this. The trailers for Nightmare Before Christmas freaked me out so much that now when I even hear the words "from the creators of The Nightmare Before Christmas" I have to leave the room. I saw still pictures of this movie and I can't see how any parent would let their kid see this, it is SCARY! The other night we had a package on it and my crew wanted to know why I was directing from under the desk until it was done.

G Rock said...

Peep out the music track in honor of the movie...and the shoes..

go to coolestblog.com to see the Coraline Nike Dunks

Cruel Shoes said...

Shades, VP-- really?! This looks scary to you? That's so weird. Well, maybe I am the weird one because I see the Tim Burton movies and now, this, as being "sweet." But I really was the kid who LOVED the scary stories as a kid... my sister and I shared a love for Dorrie the Little Witch books (out of print, sadly) over anything princessy... and I recall loving a book about Trolls, Monsters and Goblins so much it fell apart from having my Granny read it to me so much. I wonder why certain kids get wired one way and not the other. No one's wrong, of course. It's just so interesting to me! I really DO wonder if it is nurture or nature at work. Because I know my Mom couldn't understand our fascination with dark things and the happy side of death-- she was a fan of the Mickey Mouse Club as a kid.
Anyway, I definitely am QUITE excited to see Coraline! I'm really stoked to see how evil the Other Mother looks by the end of the movie... AHHH! LOVES IT!