Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Honestly? I'm still doing this same list?

Finally finishing up the honest scraps meme. Enjoy.

7. To celebrate Groundhog's Day at work, we have a Groundhog Queen ceremony. It's all a lavish excuse for a party in the middle of a work day, but it is so much fun. The ladies on the court each get a small gift. Then the names of the runner up and queen are drawn. Each of those ladies get a bouquet of flowers and the queen gets a crown, a sash, and a basket full of goodies. I'm a good sport so I've signed up to be on the court the past couple of years. This year I was runner up!

8. We took the television out of our master bedroom a few days ago. I still catch phantom images of the tv out of the corner of my eye when I'm in bed online or reading. I'm not quite used to it yet but we really don't need it in there. We watch most of the programs online and we can watch movies on the laptop as well. Not falling asleep to the drone of late night television is going to take some getting used to—it was our boob tube lullaby.

9. I've been thinking about buying a domain name for a long time and have finally decided on one I like. A few of you already know what it is but SHHHH! I don't want to tell the internets until it is purchased and ready to launch. You all will follow or update your bookmarks won't you?

10. This is the side of my body just below the armpit after my shower today.

That giant welt? It's from a freakin' band-aid! Let me just say my raw skin was suffering big time last night after I pulled that sucker off. The other side looks just slightly better. I thought those things were meant to aid in healing not harming.


Vegas Princess said...

I would follow you anywhere. :)

Those flowers are beautiful! What a fun idea.

And that is from a BAND-AID? What it was covering had to be less intense than THAT!

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Vegas Princess—The real bitch is, it wasn't covering anything! It was an attempt to keep a my skin from getting irritated by my bra.

Anonymous said...

That made my butt cringe just a little.


Naynayfazz said...

Ouch, that welt looks like it HURT when you ripped off the band aid. I guess bra irritation doesn't seem so bad after all, does it?

Cruel Shoes said...

DOOOOOOD! A band-aid did that to you? Holy crap, woman. What brand was it? I know Curex's adhesive irritates my skin, yet other band-aids are OK. Strange.

Gorgeous flowers, Ms. Runner Up! Hats off to ya!

Nobody™ said...

No TV in the bedroom? That's just wrong. Oh, wait, you mentioned watching TV online. I guess that is better, the online porn is free.

Aardvark said...

1. I want to be the Groundhog Queen!!!!

2. Is it possible that you are developing a latex allergy?

Brandy said...

YEOUCH!! That definitely looks painful. I had that happen when I had a burn I was bandaging every day but it took about a week to get a good welt like that. Hopefully it doesn't stick around long.