Tuesday, January 13, 2009

growing up—21 months

Dear Gideon,

On Christmas Eve you turned 21 months old. I knew long before that day that this letter to you would be late. I had no idea it would end up being this late. Such is the life of a chronic procrastinator. I know I'm the only one to blame for not getting these letters done in a timely fashion, but I'm going to blame you, okay? When you are awake, all I want to do is play, read, and snuggle with you. And when you are sleeping? Well, I'm tired from all that playing, reading, and snuggling with you. You are the best distraction from life's less entertaining responsibilities. Thanks for that.

21 months—December 24, 2008

It has been one hell of a month with you. On December 18th (Daddy's 30th birthday) you did something so awesome I couldn't wait to shout it out to the world—YOU POOPED ON THE POTTY LIKE A BIG BOY!!! To say that we are a little proud would be an understatement. We are thrilled. Who knew poop could be so exciting? You had a couple of incidents where you pooped on the floor—both sort of my fault—but other than that, you've been a champion toilet pooper. I even created a "Super Duper Potty Chart" for you. Every time you go on the potty, you get a sticker for your chart. Only if you actually GO. Just sitting on the potty gets you nothing more than a story and a little together time with Mommy & Daddy. You like the sticker chart—which hangs above your changing table—and to date, you already have ten stickers. Pretty good for a 21 month old boy. Pretty damn good.

You taken giant leaps in your development over the past month as well. You are talking all the time—and quite clearly I might add. Not just random words either. Real sentences. And your comprehension and ability to make connections to separate concepts—just WOW. Before I became a Mother, I had no idea how smart a little guy like you could be. Every day you do something that makes me exclaim, "You are so smart!" I'd like to think Daddy and I are partially responsible for that.

filling the bird feeders with Mommy

You have discovered the deliciousness known as chocolate milk and not a day goes by where you don't ask for "Choco Malk". If we won't give you the chocolate milk you immediately ask for "Soy Malk". Apparently, Vitamin D milk is at the bottom of the pile as far as deliciousness is concerned. I completely understand.

For Christmas you got an easel and a little table—two gifts I suggested that Gam and G-Gi get for you. They've turned out to be two of the best gifts. The table is perfect for you and beats having to toss you into your high chair or trying to do an art activity on the floor. We still do plenty of floor play, but the table just rocks. You love to create art—coloring, painting, playing with play-doh—and we do some sort of art activity every day. Seeing you in a smock (one of Daddy's old t-shirts) painting at the easel makes me so happy. Daddy and I love that you are so fond of both art and music. Singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star with you at night while we rock is the perfect way to end my day. You are definitely our kid.

playing play-doh with Daddy

This month hasn't been all fun and games for you. You been subjected to almost non-stop ear infections since October and they refuse to go away. You must have some cozy set-up in that left ear of yours because the infection seems to have moved in and hung up its cross-stitched Home Sweet Home sign. Let me just say that it sucks balls. Big, hairy balls. You've been on four different antibiotics and two different ear drops but nothing seems to be kicking it to the curb. As soon as you get over one antibiotic you start coughing and sneezing again. It's heartbreaking to see you sick so often. Especially since you were never sick until you started daycare back in late September. Who knew that our consolation gift for enrolling you in school would be chronic ear infections? Seems like a pretty crappy gift to me. Daddy and I took you to the doctor's again last Friday (with the hopes that the infection was finally gone). It wasn't. Now we have to go see an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist at the end of the month. Unfortunately, that probably means you'll have to get tubes in your ears—at least the left one. That scares the shit out of me. You'll have to be put under for the surgery. When you consider the fact that I didn't even want an epidural when I was in labor, you can imagine that I'm not crazy about you having anesthesia at such a young age. But, I really don't want you to be in constant pain or to lose your hearing, so we'll do whatever it takes to make you well again. If that means tubes, well then you'll get tubes. Both your cousins have them—so I'm blaming Dad's genes—which I guess means you won't be a family outcast, even with the hair.




JQ said...

...make that ten times on the potty! Wohoo!

Cindy said...

Great post. What a big guy. Glad the table is such a big hit.

Anonymous said...

I just can't get over how big he is next to the monkey! Seems like yesterday it was towering over him! Talk about time flying.

This post made me want an art table.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pixie - Great blog! Just wanted to comment on the ear tubes. Poor Gideon! And his poor mom and dad!

Aria just had another post-surgery check up on Friday (that was surgery #3). Tube is doing ok, but one of the two GIANT holes in her other ear drum they tried to graph with skin didn't take ! ! And nothing they can really do about it. Sooooo, she still suffers from hearing loss and constant risk of infection.

Totally blows chunks. So you have my sympathy.

Love ya all,
Aunit ac(w)P

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sarah, poor monkey is so far behind he is NEVER going to catch up!

Vegas Princess said...

These posts just get more and more fascinating each month. He is learning so much and growing up! And I am going to request a video of his Twinkle Twinkle rendition, or at least some more of him talking. I love his sweet voice! :)

The little boy I babysat for 8 years had tubes in his ears and as soon as he got them the earaches went away. best thing ever. I know it is scary (I would be terrified too!) but he will feel so much better once they are in. And as soon as he gets a little older they can take them out and he'll be all good. :)

Anonymous said...

Just curious if you breast-fed and if so, for how long? Many times, that's the trick for avoiding lots of childhood illnesses. It worked for me......my son was hardly ever ill, and he's going to be 30 this coming July.

Paticus said...

Great post. And I feel your pain on the ear infections. We have twin 3 year old girls, and when they were just past 1, they went into a four month run of constant ear infections.
we ended up going with tubes, and it really did help. they did not get another ear infection(until this winter after the tubes had fallen out, but it was one infection and the antibiotics cleared it up.) Surgery day was terrifying, but it did turn out to be worth it. And the surgery is also very fast.
having said all that,I hope that his ears clear up on their own for you.

Rick said...

" a champion toilet pooper" - very funny - only a mother could award a child with such an honored title.

Lora said...

your kid is ridiculously adorable! thanks for stopping by and letting me find you. i've put you on my google reader, and i can't wait to read more

isn't it disgusting how excited poop can make you? the presence of it makes you so proud, and the days you don't have to wash it out of his pants make you feel like you are on top of the world...