Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fruit Loops

I am in a major blogging funk. I feel like I have a lot to write about but every time I sit down to do so, nothing. Even worse, I just don't have the desire to sit down and compose thoughtful, well-written posts. I'm always too busy or too tired or too something.

Instead of writing I'm spending my time doing things like this:

Pretty talented, huh?


Naynayfazz said...

Blog funks are the worst. Ah, you'll be back in no time. Love the picture. Fabulous! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hiya - for some reason that pic struck me as majorly funny. So amusing to see the fruit stacked.

I imagine "blog funk" happens to even you great writers once in awhile.

Do a little meditation, get in touch with your inner self....

take care,

JQ said...

Nothing like stacking fruit to cure a bad case of writers for me every time.

Cruel Shoes said...

YES, these photos of stacked fruit are amazing! Are you kidding?! This is being productive, for sure! If I could accomplish this much, I'd be so proud of myself. (Alas, I am so lazy I don't even bother to buy or steal fruit in the first place, let alone stack it.)
You just keep on havin' fun!

Leezer said...


Maybe you're just more of a visual type!

Anonymous said...

Don't quit your day job, Pixie.

Nobody™ said...

I always said blogs need more pictures of ripe melons.

Vegas Princess said...

That is a talent. You could do a whole series of fruit on fruit! I would love it!

Blog funks come and go. ride this one out, we will be waiting on the other side. :) I am in one myself and have been using being sick as a flimsy excuse. however, when you feel miserable the last thing I want to do it strap myself to the computer when bed is so much more comfortable. Although I do have a laptop....

Paticus said...

Is that all balance ? or is there some sort of stabilizer involved ?
I ask as a bit of an amateur fruit and vegetable stacker myself.:)

❉ pixie ❉ said...


AC(W)P—It funny because we have the same twisted sense of humor. Good stuff.

JQ—What shall we stack next? Kumquats and kiwi? Pineapples and pomegranates?

Cruel Shoes—I may just have to print them and hang them in the kitchen.

Leezer—But wouldn't a blog full of just pictures get old after awhile?

Anonymous—Rude and hiding behind anonymity? How brave of you.

Nobody—I think what you said is just "more bare melons" not just "ripe".

VP—There you go, giving me more ideas to put off writing. Thanks. :)

Paticus—It's all balance. Using a stabilizer seems like cheating to me.

Brandon said...

I'm totally in the same place as you - at least when you wrote this post. I keep sitting down with an idea in mind and I start typing and within a sentence or two I just get tired of writing what I'm writing. It's not really writers block, it's just...I don't know really. I have so many blog post ideas and Yelp reviews I want to write and yet nothing will come. Oh well.