Monday, November 10, 2008

growing up—19 months

Dear Gideon,

A couple of weeks ago you turned 19 months old. Here I am, yet again, running late with your monthly letter. It's a good thing you won't get them for years to come—that way I'm not exactly confined to a strict schedule.

As always it's been an amazing month for you. I'm so proud of you and the way you're developing. You love school—that anxiety took about a minute to get over—and I find it bittersweet that you don't cry when we drop you off. You hardly take a second look as we walk down the hall. It's wonderful you—but holy crap—the reality of my baby becoming a little boy can be hard to swallow sometime.

19 months—October 26, 2008

Smart does not even begin to describe you in my eyes. You are a little genius. You've been talking in short sentences, learning your letters, singing songs, and comprehending way more than I thought possible. You love to do puzzles. You love music. You love creating works of art. When we talk about getting out the markers, you run to the office and head straight for the cabinet where we keep them. If we're going to paint you find the brushes. When it's time for stories before you go to bed, you grab some books and take them into our room. You in a nutshell, are Magnificent!

You did something on October that had me making up a little song and dance in excitement. On the evening of 26th—as we were getting ready for bed—you ran towards the bathroom pulling at your pants. When I asked if you wanted to sit on the potty you said "yes" and I got your pants and diaper off for you. You sat there for a moment, made a little strained face, and then lo-and-behold you peed. In the potty! We were hugely excited about it. So excited in fact, that your Daddy and I celebrated with a little song and dance. I think it will be bittersweet when you poop in the potty—excited that you did it, sad that I now have to clean it out of the tiny toilet.




Tim said...

The tiny toilet will always beat the diaper.

Vegas Princess said...

19 months. Wow! Every month I am so surpried at how big he is getting. And he is so advanced! You have a little genius on your hands there.

P.S. Did you by chance get your package? I fear it may have gotten lost in the mail. :(

Cruel Shoes said...

He really seems so intelligent! I love the faces he's making in these pictures. For some reason that first one in the chair makes him look a little like WC Fields. :)

❉ pixie ❉ said...

tim—I don't doubt it. The further I can be from the actual poo, the better.

vp—He's something else. Even I can't believe how big he is some days. And I have constant contact with him.

cruel shoes—Hehehe…you are too funny!