Saturday, May 3, 2008

inky-dinky do

This afternoon, we finally took back the piece of crap printer we purchased from Best Buy last October. It was an HP CS5280 and, while it looks lovely, came with all sorts of problems. It was nothing but trouble from the beginning. We had a warranty on it and sheer laziness has kept us from taking it back. Until today.

I went into Best Buy with the printer and all the poorly printed evidence in hand. Rene, the customer service rep, was super cool and told us just to pick another printer. So, for a $13 upgrade we ended up with this beauty—the HP CS7280 series.

It is so cool. The printer has 6 inks instead of the measly two cartridges—which was a must have feature for me. Plus it was a breeze to setup on our wireless network. We had none of that with the last printer. I'm so excited! Printing had become such a hassle at home I would just wait until I got to work. Picking and choosing what documents I would save the miniscule amounts of ink for. Yep, a great big pain in the ass.

Now excuse me while I go print some mazes included with the printer.


Nobody™ said...

It really prints both sides of the page? Seriously? Can it scan both sides too?

Good thing you live far away or I would sneak into your house and steal it.

Vegas Princess said...

That sounds like a pretty impressive computer. And what network do you use? Since our great network debacle a few weeks ago we are remiss to try another.

Naynayfazz said...

Good look with that fancy shmancy gadget. Well you need it being in your line of work.

I've had quite a few problems with printers over the years as well. What's the deal????

Mr. Fabulous said...

Wow...this is one of your nerdier posts LOL