Friday, May 2, 2008

how have I never noticed this?

While looking at pictures with G-man just now I realized something that had not occurred to me before. All of G-man's Aunts & Uncles first names start with the letter A. Sometimes I'm such a genius.

In my defense, we usually call JQ's brother by his middle name—which starts with an M. Plus, the Aunts & Uncles come from three different sets of parents—2 from JQ's, 1 from my Mom & Stepfather, and 1 from my Dad & Stepmother.


Vegas Princess said...

It's funny when you make those connections and then they seem so apparent after you figure it out.

My husband and I decided when we have kids we are naming all names that begin with C. Since we are A & B, and A + B = C. Yes, we are offically lame.

Mel said...

I wouldnt have noticed either.

The only theme I had on naming my kids was what could my ex and I agree on? That was not easy!