Sunday, February 3, 2008

growing up—weeks 43—45 (the ten month edition)

Dear Gideon,

Thursday, January 24th you turned 10 months old. Let me repeat that TEN MONTHS! That means you are fast approaching your one year birthday. Holy crap child, slow down. You are taking this developing thing VERY seriously and have made massive strides in the last two months. I'm not even sure I can remember them all.

Teething has been a big deal for you and you now have four teeth. Two on the top and two on the bottom (with one on each side of your top teeth on the verge of poking through). With teeth comes the new adventure of solid foods. You willingly eat just about everything we put in front of you. Cheerios® appear to be a clear favorite, but they are far from the only things you pick up and shove into your little gaping maw. In addition to the tasty little o's, you have also eaten: string cheese, chicken, turkey, bananas, Gerber puffs, biter biscuits, eggs, rice, ice cream, mashed and twice baked potatoes, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, garlic bread, Grandma W.'s homemade bread, oatmeal, rice, carrots, and avocado. You've also started helping us feed you with a spoon of your very own. It's messy but you get so much enjoyment out of being so independent. You are still nursing and even though you've bit me several times, I'm not ready to quit. It's such a special time for us both.

43 weeks—January 19, 2008

These past two months you have kept Daddy and me cracking up with your sounds and faces. First came the "snooter"—which makes everyone laugh. It's a hilarious little facial expression that can only be fully appreciated when you experience it. You babble all the time and have started making a trilling noise with your tongue. It's like you are rolling your R's and Daddy is jealous because he is the only one in our household that can't do it. You've started giving hugs and kisses and although they are really sloppy, they melt my heart.

the snooter

One of your newest tricks is what we affectionately call the "boo-gee". When Daddy "eats" your belly he says, "Boo-gee, boo-gee, boo-gee" which cracks you up. Now, when we are playing on the floor and Daddy says, "Boo-gee Mommy's belly", you'll scurry over to me, pull my shirt up a little, and give me raspberries on my belly. It is so funny. It's not just for me either. You also give boo-gees to Daddy and Grandma G.

Bath time remains a favorite activity of yours. If you manage to get into the bathroom you like to climb up the side of the tub, push back the shower curtain, and start banging on the edge. As if to say, "Hello! I'd like to get in NOW. Kindly fill this with water at once."

44 weeks—January 26, 2008

The past few days you've let go of several items you had been using as support and stood on your own. Once you realized what you had done you were quick to sit, but for several seconds before that moment your balance was champion quality.

You are a HUGE fan of books. When we are sitting in the rocking chair in your room you will point adamantly to the bookshelf nearby. Three book minimum. You point at anything you are interested in—which it everything. Outside. The cupboards. The light switch (which you like to turn on and off).

45 weeks—February 02, 2008

There is so much more—I really need to work on writing these in a timelier fashion—but this is long enough already. You continue to amaze me everyday. Thank you for that. I love you the most.



Christina said...

Gosh, that is one beautiful little boy. I love the boo-gees. Too darn cute!

Vegas Princess said...

Oh *gasp* the *gasp* picture *gasp* in *gasp* the tub! I can't breath it is just so many different levels of cute! :)

You have GOT to get the boo-gey (sure I am spelling that wrong) thing on tape! How precious!

Naynayfazz said...

I can relate to your posts so much and I don't even have a kid. I go through similar types of things with Aidan. It is amazing to watch them grow and have funny personalities. My favorite picture is of G in the bath. He is too cute! I also like the one of JQ and G laughing; it really captures a great moment.

Cruel Shoes said...

I agree with everyone else here...Gideon is AWESOME! And that Snooter face is definitely a winner. It must be truly incredible to watch his personality bloom a little more every single day. He sounds like he is a super-smart kid, too. You and JQ are really lucky people. :)

❉ pixie ❉ said...

christina—Thank you. Isn't motherhood wonderful?

vp—I love that picture. Now imagine him sniffing in and out real quick a bunch of times. That's the snooter in full effect.

naynay—That one of G and JQ is part of a series where they were blowing raspberries at each other. They were really enjoying the moment.

cruel shoes—We are so lucky. We got a good one. I like to say he is so awesome because he was made out of love.

Nobody™ said...

That's one good looking kid you guys have there! And it sounds like you are great parents. He's a lucky boy.

That face he's making in the tub makes it look like he's pooping. I used to hate it when they would poop in the tub. Yuck.

Hillary said...

We have that same bathtub! Happy 10 month birthday Gideon!

Silicone Alley said...

I love reading about Gideon growing up. Keep up the psot

Lynda said...

The snooter almost looks like something we called "The Sniff Game" that we use to play with Calem. I got a little video of it, it was so cute.

Gideon is growing up so fast!

❉ pixie ❉ said...

nobody—I think being parents has really brought out the best in us. We love it. As for the poop thing, we've been lucky so far.

hillary—It's an awesome tub!

silicone alley—Glad you liked it.

lynda—We have hours of video of Gideon.

Anonymous said...

You know how much I LOVE the snoot-face!!

Auntie ac(W)p

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


❉ pixie ❉ said...

aminlaw—The snooter is so fabulous, isn't it?


dad—I love the way he looks so candid lounging on the rocker, laughing it up with his Daddy.

Katie Hampton said...

Okay, I don't even know you, but I was blog-hopping and just had to tell you this... I have a little boy who turns one in March as well, and every month I take his picture with a stuffed monkey, sitting in the rocking chair. Weird, huh?