Saturday, November 17, 2007

it's like jesus toast on tatooine

Day 17 of NaBloPoMo. This has to be the hardest entry so far. I just don't feel like blogging today. I was up for it earlier—but we were busy. Now that I have a moment, I'd rather just take a nap. At 7 pm. On a Saturday night. I am a rock star.

We officially kicked off our Christmas shopping today. We are nowhere near finished, but we purchased at least one thing for four of the twelve people on our list. We have one person completely finished. I also bought myself this awesome dark grey peacoat (yes, grey with an "e"—it's that type of gray). I've wanted a peacoat for a long time. I had some money leftover from my birthday—which was in August—and decided to treat myself to a new warm winter coat. It's a perfect day for it here too. Cold, rainy, and generally miserable. No wonder I feel like a nap.

How about a picture of Jabba the Hutt that I saw in a jar of baby green beans a few weeks ago? I swear the likeness is uncanny.


Anonymous said...

:) I refuse to spell grey any other way.

Vegas Princess said...

Mythical movie characters in pureed vegetables?

I think you need a vacation! :)

Mel said...

congrats on starting shopping! I hate to shop, its going to be an online christmas this year for me :)

JQ said...

I second the vacation.

Lynda said...

Ugh. I got to do some Christmas shopping too.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

shades—You are too cute!

vp—Does it not look like Jabba!?

mel—I always plan to shop online and never get around to it.

jq—I third it. Oh wait, I just had a week off. Damn.

lynda—Ugh sums it up nicely.