Friday, July 27, 2007


I'm taking a few days off from the internet. I've got to get away from it. I spend way to much time with it. My Google reader already has 90+ items in it and it's only Friday afternoon (damn blogher conference). I'm abandoning it all for now & disconnecting. Some weekend activities I'm looking forward to instead? Gideon's first music class! Hotdogs! Company! I'll be back on Monday with a little purer soul.

Have a happy weekend!


Lynda said...

Sometimes you just gotta mark your reader as everything read, I do believe.

Airam said...

Blogger reader scares me too ... I'm slowly working through it.

Vegas Princess said...

I am trying to slough through all mine too. Mine was 100+ I get freaked out when it gets that high because I fear I am NEVER going to get through. But somehow I catch up.

I understand needing a break though.