Thursday, July 26, 2007

leaps & bounds above your squawking little poop factory

Does your child exhibit signs of early development? Are they surpassing the ordinary expectations of Dr. Spock? Is little Suzy already chattering about Kepler’s laws of planetary motion? Are you looking for a way to let the entire world know “my baby is leaps and bounds above your squawking little poop factory”? Adorn them with a snazzy logo that will let proud parents know your super-child is saving the legions of academia from the clutches of moron babies like theirs.

Elegance. Sophistication. Separation from the mass of drooling hoi-polloi. Let your child stand out in this beautiful, yak-thread, hand-woven onesie. Created by Pixie and brought to life by her hard-working team of clothing professionals—who contrary to popular belief (and mailing address) do not work in an underground Taiwanese sweatshop. This adorable infant bodysuit is the pinnacle of baby fashion; your little brain will always look at the top of their game.
Teach your child the importance of unfulfilled expectations and failure to please their parents by labeling them now, before they have a chance to explore their own uniqueness.

You wouldn’t exclude them from any mental enhancing activity, would you? Then why shouldn’t their clothing reflect their intelligence? Make sure they look as smart as you think they are in this one of a kind outfit by Pixie.

Available in a myriad of colors and three sizes: Mozart, Stephen Hawking and Dr. Evil.

Not available in Kentucky.

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