Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Not feeling it today. At all.

Like I've been run over.
Back hurts big time.
Giant baby moving & taking up way too much space.

How much longer? Nine weeks. Crap.

I'd like to just go home and crawl in bed until tomorrow.

No can do.
Gotta be back at work by 4:30 this afternoon.
Until 9:40.
Then back tomorrow by 8:30 a.m.
Until 3:15.
Then a doctor's appointment immediately after work.
Work all day Friday.

Saturday...come soon.


Jen said...

You've been so perky, calm and happy that I wondered if you'd ever reach that phase of pregnancy or not. My sister was the dragon lady from this point on (well, ok, she's always a dragon lady but this was much worse...).

I'm sorry. Hang in there. You've amazed me up to this point. It's ok to be normal once in a while.

Leezer said...


I've tried not to say anything like this... goes:

You're nearing the end of your pregnancy rope. It's nice and fun for the first few months after the morning sickness wears off, when you're finally able to fit into that cute maternity outfit, and then POOF! One day you wake up and say, "O.K. Been there, done that. Let's move on." Only you can't because the little sausage needs nine more weeks to cook.

My suggestion? Don't beat yourself up if you're grouchy to people. You're excused. I promise.

Cookie said...

Are you feeling better today?

❉ pixie ❉ said...

jen—I actually slept pretty well last night and it helped immensely.

leezer—I'm not really being grouchy...just not so perky.

cookie—Much better, thanks.

Egan said...

Those babies sure can be a burden. Too bad there's not a better way to procreate which is easier on the body.

I hope your nap helped.

Egan said...

For what it's worth, you don't sound grouchy at all.

Lynda said...

I hope they at least let you sit!