Thursday, July 6, 2006

tell me

  1. Christopher Walken: Genius or Nutjob?
  2. How do you feel about fruit?
  3. What's your favorite snack?
  4. Movie you can't get enough of?
  5. Suri Holmes-Cruise: Real or Ruse?


fuzzymuffin said...

1. erm both
2. love it but never think to eat it.
3. anything sweet
4. napoleon dynamite.
5. I thought all along it was fake and then when they said she gave birth I thought it was true but maybe I was right ! it wouldn't surprise me, tom cruise is a fucking nutjob.

(I'm very swear-y today)

The MERKIN MAN said...

1. Genius
2. Love it.
3. Friut, Chocolate, or Beer
4. Raising Arizona
5. Who cares?

Melissa said...

1. Highly likely to be both, though I have never met the guy. So obviously, nutjob. But could be t'other...
2. I very much love fruit, lovely.
3. Something yummy. Usually sweet and yummy.
4. Pirates of the Caribean (obviously) or Office Space. This is at the moment, it could change in the next few hours.
5. I don't care.

Nobody said...

1. A little of both
2. Love it
3. Gardettos
4. I get bored quickly, so can't think of one I'd watch over and over
5. Who?

Think Frustrated said...

1. GENIUS! ("Is your mother a seamstress? Get her to sew that!" "You're talkin to my guy all wrong; it's the wrong tone. If you don't change your tone, I'll stab you in the eye with a soldering iron." "I'm the J-Man!")

2. Raspberries were created for the sole purpose of making me very happy.

3. I'm going to get specific: Sno Caps. Thier little chocolate chips with white candy on them. MMM!

4. There are two: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (I've seen it over 20 times, and it just keeps getting better), and I Heart Huckabees (nothing like an existential comedy that no one gets).

5. Ruse to the ruse to the ruse. That baby is as real as Michael Jackson's white kids that he hides from everyone. Truly, if MJ is black, then his kids would at least be a little black. Those kids look like the children of the corn.

Alex said...

1. genius
2.It's a'ight
5.I have no idea what you're talking about.

Eric said...

1. Genius
2. meh
3. chocolate
4. Apocalypse Now
5. ruse or total child abuse

Leezer said...

Walken: Genius
Fruit: Indifferent
Snack: Cashews
Movie: The Big Lebowski
Suri: Real, poor thing.

theothermichelle said...

Walken: Nutjob, but that's why I like him.

Fruit: It's good.

Snack: What do you got in the cupboard?

Movie: Napoleon Dynamite (I see I'm not the only one, heh)

Suri: I predict a nasty custody battle in the future.

Jen said...

1. Christopher Walken: Genius or Nutjob?
Well, I liked him in that Fatboy Slim music video...
2. How do you feel about fruit?
I just can't get enough; I just can't get enough.
3. What's your favorite snack?
Yogurt with fruit.
4. Movie you can't get enough of?
The Girl Next Door
5. Suri Holmes-Cruise: Real or Ruse?
The biggest effing ruse I have seen to date.

eyerocker said...

nutty genius...just like me

fruit? i like the musical kind and the ones in cans.

2 whoppers and a large fry. dont laugh thats a snack

lets see now a movie...ima big horror phreek so its "Evil Dead" a classic

that poor kid has a dad thats an incredible actor but a complete idiot in real life

A Bronx Tale said...

1. Genius for what he did after his accident and how he protrayed himself.

2. Fruit. LOVE IT. Peaches and Necs.

3. Snack - Swedish Berries that I don't get enough of b/c i don't buy them because I can eat them 10 bags at a time.

4. A Bronx Tale or Donnie Brasco

5. Redicilous.

Chuck said...

1. Total Genius...the best voice in the movies!

2. Overated...too high in carbs.

3. My first child being born, recorded on VHS.

4. I feel very sorry for that kid.

utenzi said...

Thanks for the divine time on your blog, Pixie. I had more clicks from your hosting me than from any of the other 23 rentals I've done before. You're great! But of course everybody knows that...

Walken: Great but overexposed. That guy needs to take a vacation!

Fruit? Not enough sugar. I like candy.

Snack: Candy. Right now Sugar Babies are my fave.

Tom-Kat baby: Real but who cares?

RR said...

1. Um...Genius. He's not making all those movies because of his looks.

2. Too nutritious. I'd like it better if it wasn't good for me.

3. Anything salty. Popcorn, Pretzels, Cornchips, plain or with salsa.

4. Star Wars.

5. bad move Katie. Think you're gonna find work in three years after Tom dumps your ass? I'm not bitter.

Hothousemomma said...

1) both more of the later
2) I feel good about fruit
3) chocolate
4) good will hunting, wedding crashers,
5) Ruse

Tim said...

not a fan
I don't snack

Blogarita said...

1. A little of both and mostly weird.
2. Fruit is ok. Veggies are better.
3. Popcorn or other salty snacks.
4. Slingblade and O Brother, Where Art Thou?
5. Real baby, ruse relationship.

SupComTabz said...

1. genius!
2. love fruit more than veggies
3. cheese!
4. Harvey
5. real

Mr. Fabulous said...

1. Genius.
2. I approve.
3. I concur with Tabz--cheese
4. Blues Brothers
5. 50/50

Josh said...

1. I'll be goddamned, he is a good actor. All geniuses are a little crazy (look at Paul Maul)

2. Why did fruit say something about me?

3. Mostly food

4. There is so many: Repo Man, Blues Brothers, Boondock Saints, LOTR, Willy Wonka, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Caddyshack, Flight of the Navigator, Refer Madness, Harold and Kumar, Apocolypse Now.....but I really don't watch many movies.

5. I believe that Suri Holmes-Cruise is an anagram for "who gives a flying rats ass"...really, work it out.

tmat1970 said...

1. I don't know but he could use some more cow bell.
2. great, until it comes squirting out the other end.
3. Is Guiness a snack?
4. Lately, the new version of Dawn of the Dead. Ving Rames is a comic guiness!
5. Ruse, I mean come on SURI? All I know is that ducks and chicks and geese better scurry when she comes around.