Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Things I have:
  1. a headache
  2. a 2 hour business training seminar to conduct at 3pm
  3. a 4 hour class at 5:30 pm
Things I wish I had:
  1. time to nap to rid myself of this headache
  2. no business training to conduct
  3. a look-alike to oversee my class tonight
  4. a Coca-cola
Things I'm looking forward to:
  1. a long weekend starting at 4 tomorrow
  2. the extra $$ from the business training session
  3. 9:40 pm
  4. 80° weather this week
  5. cocktails & bbq
*I haven't forgotten about your questions. I'll answer them soon. I promise.


Chuck said...

I'm looking forward to a great weekend too!! ;)

Yes, I was very happy with Taylor's performances last night!! I'm sure he has it in the bag! I may even have to post tomorrow....

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Like I said, I haven't watch AI, but I've seen enough on the news and what not to really be feeling a win for Taylor. Damn I wish I had a bookie. You should definitely come out of hiding and post tomorrow—it's a holiday weekend and all. ;)

❉ pixie ❉ said...

whoops, that's "watched", past tense, not "watch"

fuzzymuffin said...

I know I'm late with the questions but:

What is your fave thing to do on a Friday night?

What is your preferred method of making art? (painting, drawing etc)

Who are your favourite students? Shy and studious, or late and funny?!

ramblings said...

Hope that they all go well and you get an exciting weekend

LizzieDaisy said...

What's at 9:40pm? And I'll take the cocktails and bbq right after my nap too. :) Hope your headache goes away soon...

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Sarah—It's never too late to ask questions.


Lizziedaisy—9:40 is when my class ends.

American Navel said...

rock the bbq and the cocktails

Queen Of Pink said...

Have a fantastic weekend, yours sounds almost as fabulous as mine is gonna be!! ;)

I wanna ask a question! If you had to choose any career other than your own, what would you choose? Assuming that you wouldn't have to do a thing to get the job, it would automatically be yours.

TinaPoPo said...

I love cocktails & bbq.

Can I come?