Thursday, May 25, 2006

Congrats Taylor Hicks

OK, so I’m one of those people who did not watch American Idol this season. What!?! Yes, yes it’s true. I saw a bit of the beginning of the season—the part where so many suck really bad. But that was it. Ironically I could participate with almost any human I encountered about AI because of the blogsphere. Man do you bloggers love some American Idol. I knew who all the ladies loved Chris. I knew Taylor Hicks was the soul man, and I knew Katherine McPhee had big boobs. All without seeing a single episode.

Once it hit those final three my pick was Hicks. Even without hearing him, I felt he should win. I think it was the fact that he was gray-haired and looked the least like a stereotypical “pop-star”. Plus, Chuck rallied for Taylor and we all know how cool Chuck is.

So, since I was near a t.v. I tuned in for the last 45 minutes of Wednesday’s final episode. My thoughts? What the hell happened to Clay Aiken? He looked like some sort of ultra contemporary wise guy or something. As one of my colleagues would say, “He looked like Paul Reubens in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” I’ll have to take his word on that reference. Prince rocked—all 5 foot nothing of him. I thought Taylor would cry, but he didn’t really appear to—but the Hoff did! Regardless of tears shed or not shed, I was happy for Taylor. Now it’s over. What will you bloggers do on Tuesday and Wednesday nights?


Tim said...

Cry ourselves to sleep everynight until Big Brother starts.

RR said...

Bah! You can Have American Idol. However, a Summer without Lost will leave me just that.