Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Say What?!?!?

Week 160
  1. Baby step:: tiny wobbly humans
  2. Wasted:: Rock Ranger...I live a life of danger
  3. Reggie:: Jackson...although I couldn't tell you what sport he plays
  4. Pitiful:: wasn't there an old game called Pitfall...that's what I thought of
  5. Acting out:: aggressions
  6. Tomato:: to-maaa-toe
  7. Bad night:: haven't had one of those in awhile
  8. Trip:: what a long strange trip it's been
  9. Finance charges:: outrageous and uncalled for
  10. Sport:: be a good sport and fetch me (enter your desires here)
Yeah, I know this is supposed to be done on Sunday...sue me.

What do you think?


Jen said...

It doesn't matter when you post it! Everybody does theirs at a differen time.

I'm just happy you're back and you got some free time to blog!

Lynda said...

I never post mine on Sunday. I need to post mine for this week though.