Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So I decided to plan a party less than two weeks away

G-tot is going to be 2 next week and I decided at the last minute to throw a party. Nothing huge, but I do have a theme—dinosaurs. The color palette will be green, yellow, and the variations between. Here are the invites I made this morning after a killer headache kept me from making them last night.

ignore that black line—that's me taking a crappy screen shot

blocked out the address and phone—you know, to thwart the stalkers

It's an early party and I'm thinking finger foods and cake. I have a few ideas for little favors for the kids which I'm excited to put together. I would love to hear your suggestions for food, decor, or anything else. Keep in mind our budget is very small.


Christina said...

Those are awesome invitations!! I love them. And I love the idea of a dinosaur party. Too bad you guys don't live around here -- there's a cute park with picnic pavilions and there are all these dinosaur climbing things.

My best suggestion (because I'm horrible with this stuff) is a dinosaur shaped cake (I have no doubt you are creative enough to pull this off). And balloons in various shades of green (balloons are cheap).

I know what I'm sending G-tot for his birthday now. :)

Lynda said...

I love your invitation. I'm sure you'll pull it off well.

Calem likes cupcakes. That's all I can think of for suggestions at the moment.

Anonymous said...

It all look great! And my mom never planned a party more than two weeks in advance. Shoot, I don't think two weeks was even a rule of thumb... it was either we were, or we weren't. You're on the right track!

Vegas Princess said...

I reccommend a Dinosaur cupcake cake! That way everyone gets their own cupcake and they are easy to assemble into a dinosaur shape rather than struggling to make a whole cake or draw one in icing.

I have a pretty good idea what to get G-tot for his birthday!

Naynayfazz said...

Don't they have dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets? I am not sure how good/good for you they are but that would be cute.

Another cute idea, although it doesn't have much to do with dinosaurs is: cup o' dirt. You make chocolate pudding and crush up oreos and mix that together. Then you put it in a flower pot and put gummy worms in it. I remember someone made that for a kid's party I once went to and it was a success and oh so yummy!

You can also do a dinosaur egg hunt. That would be a cute game.

Can you tell I am the daughter of a party planner?

Fantastagirl said...

The invites are very cute!

Darwinsgirl said...

Can you post the coloring book? I love the invite, and my son is turning 2 in a few months...

Lora said...

My son's party is this weekend and we made a paper chain and hung it between the kitchen and dining room (free) and then I bought 50 balloons and a tank of helium at the party store for $25 and I will fill the living room ceiling with helium balloons and will put some old fashioned breath balloons all over the floor. I did it last year and the kids all went nuts. Just watch popped balloons if you have any babies around. Or dogs.

It cost about $30 all told.