Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Dinners #2 (02.08.09)

green beans
parsley potatoes
bacon wrapped lemon garlic turkey tenderloin

This week I'm thankful for the kind words bestowed upon me by Lisa & RR regarding the purchases they made from my etsy shop. It is really validating to get positive feedback on your work of art (no matter what the medium). What are you thankful for this week?

When I opened the can of potatoes, there on top was a perfect heart shaped tater.


JQ said...

Green beans,parsley potatoes and
bacon wrapped lemon garlic turkey tenderloin...that's what.

Nobody™ said...

That looks delicious, and I think it would fit my diet, other than the bacon.

Vegas Princess said...

YUM! And that heart shaped potato is awesome. Which reminds me I have a heart shaped food to display a picture of myself.

Janine said...

I am thankful for the new pet sitting job I am starting this week because it means more $. Your dinners always look so tasty!

Lynda said...

Sounds delicious!

Cruel Shoes said...

Oh, that looks sooooo delicious. Except for the bacon part, but it always seems there's someone around who will eat my unwanted bacon. So, ya know, anytime you feel like inviting me over for Sunday dinner, just give me a holler. :)

(I really DO love that print. It fits so well in my house!)

Cruel Shoes said...

Your free association assignment is as follows:
1) laundry hamper
2) rhubarb
3) Ojibwe indian tribe
4) "put some stank on it"
5) lighthouse