Thursday, February 19, 2009

Like your name in lights, only different

This morning was story time at the library for G-tot and I. We went through our weekly ritual of dropping of last week's books in the return bin and then headed toward the back of the library to the children's section. We barely made it twenty feet from the front desk when something caught my eye.

It was sitting on the bottom shelf of a movable cart that showcases new books. If I didn't feel like such a turd I would have pulled out my phone and taken of a picture of it. That's how excited I was. "G-tot, G-tot look!" I exclaimed. "This is the book that Mommy worked on! See! There's Mommy right there!"

G-tot could have cared less but I was so geeked to see the book I worked on showcasing the visual history of the college where I work sitting on the shelf of the public library. The spreads I worked so hard on designing, my name (and several photographs of me & JQ—that somebody else put in) in print, PUBLISHED, and sitting on the 'New Books' shelf for the public to peruse.

It was a pretty exciting moment for me.

Of course, I already have a copy of my own so I took a few shots with iPhoto so you could see the book. And…a few months ago the book won a Crystal Award for "excellence in communications in NW Ohio and SE Michigan". It's nice to be a part of something award winning that actually has your name on it. So much of design requires the designer to be invisible.

Ignore the scary looking woman in on the left and just look at the cover.

A portion of one of my spreads.

My name in print—the only woman that worked on the book


Lora said...

i'm insanely jealous

Anonymous said...

:) Wow!

Cruel Shoes said...

That's so cool! I would have freaked out and maybe even done something super-geeky and blabbed "I did design on this book" to one of the librarians in my excitement. Only later would I realize that poor woman could give a shit less, but... oh well! I was happy!

(Um, is it obvious that I have done something kind of similar in the past? Hope not!)

Seriously though, congratulations! And the book looks nice, too. YAY! I'm glad something great happened right now!!

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Lora—Thanks! It was fun to work on and just took me by surprise to see it at the library.


Cruel Shoes—Thanks. I was all blabbery to G-tot about it and spared the librarians.

Naynayfazz said...

I would've totally did what Cruel Shoes did. I actually did do that in the book I was published in. People in Barnes and Noble thought I was a DORK but I didn't care. That is such an accomplishment so yes, be proud!

Christina said...

Wow, that is fantastic. How cool to see it right there at the library!! Congratulations!!!

Fantastagirl said...

That is just awesome! Better than lights!

Vegas Princess said...

That is completely awesome and cool! And the fact you did not geek out any more than you did is amazing. because I would have been pulling strangers over to see my name in print and make them take it home with them. Congratulations!