Thursday, January 29, 2009

Take a peek into my personal work space, won't you?

Passing the halfway mark on the honest scrap meme. If you missed the previous five look below this post—there all there.

6. I have work spaces in two separate areas of the house. On the first floor is the office. It has a nice big desk in it that's great for piling up miscellaneous papers. I could clean it off in the morning and by the end of the day it's a mess again. I'm constantly pushing things aside and clearing a spot before I begin the work I went in the office to do in the first place. This is what the desk looked like yesterday as I wrapped up the project I had been working on. There is another side to the desk that is outside the right of the frame. It looks much worse and includes a huge pile of papers that need to be sorted and filed. The pieces of paper in the lower left corner are tests prints of a new series I'm working on. Behind them is a print order that needs to be packaged and shipped out. Any questions?

I also have a work space in the basement. This is a nice space because I can leave an unfinished project out without having to worry about a certain little toddler getting into it. Yesterday I made some wrapping paper and note cards using a stamp I carved a few weeks ago. The paper and cards are for wrapping orders from my etsy shop (which is why the order above is still sitting on the desk). Just a little something extra to make your shopping experience a pleasurable one.

In addition to all the printmaking supplies I got out yesterday, there are a handful of items that "live" on the drafting table. From right to left there is a stack of small sketchbooks, a package of lint-free white gloves for handling prints, a baby monitor, a blue box of exacto knives and blades, a small silver tray for things like pens, paper clips, tacks, etc., a curved corner punch (currently being used on my new business cards), and a bone folder. Right now there is also a small pile of paper scraps in the left corner of the table just behind the printing inks. I hate to throw perfectly good pieces of paper into the recycle bin when I know I can use them somewhere else. They'll probably end up in a project that G-tot and I make during art time.

Oh, and that paper the ink is rolled out on? It's an old envelope I pulled out of the recycle bin. I through it in there a few weeks ago during a basement organizing frenzy. Written on the envelope—Spring Break 1999. Nothing like using a 10 year old envelope to help save Mother Earth.


Cruel Shoes said...

I really enjoyed seeing this for some reason. I don't know if that means I am nosey, or if it is just kind of fascinating to see the places where creative people do their thing. I'm going with the latter. :)

I really love that you are using the 1999 envelope in this manner. Most people wouldn't take note of this detail; they'd be like, "Oh, I'll just use this old envelope," and that would be it. What I like about you is your attention to the details in life.

And I do plan to make an Etsy purchase very, very soon. Wink.

Vegas Princess said...

I love seeing people's work space. It shows how creative you are. And a messy desk is a well used desk in my opinion.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Cruel Shoes—I'm glad you liked it. I was beginning to think nobody found it interesting. I think that life is all about the details. I sent a couple of packages out today—one may be headed your way. :)

Vegas Princess—I like seeing work spaces too. It's inspiring.