Thursday, December 4, 2008

One more reason I love the Princess

Sitting on the dining room table when I arrived home from work last night was a puffy yellow envelope. Stamped on the front was a red Postage Due, next to it a handwritten .34¢. Isn't the point unnecessary in this instance? Or it should be a $ sign instead of a ¢ sign. JQ told me the mailman was holding it hostage on our front porch until we forked over the money, but I think JQ made that up just to get a quarter for the vending machine at the grocery store.

The package was from Vegas Princess. I knew it was coming but I only knew the identity of one of the items inside—the Twilight soundtrack. That was far from the only goodie inside the envelope. There was also a card with a love note inside. The sentiment on the outside is perfect for a friendship made through blogging, don't you think?

Then I pulled out a Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark bar and a pretty snowflake ornament. The shiny metal and the little red stones, coupled with the fact that VP sent it, remind me of a particular breed of vampires. Yes, I'm a dork.

But so is Vegas Princess because I can guarantee she was laughing when she found the next item she sent. Not only was she laughing, but I'd wager that she instinctively thought of me. Personally, I was hysterical. Behold:

Do you see? Do you see what she did there. She sent me a Pixie. Me—*pixie*. And…it's adorned in holly. Holly! I think I'll have to keep the wrapper.

I saved the rolled up black piece of cloth for last. It looked like the pièce de résistance, and I know how to build up the climax. I was right. It was a shirt for G-tot and it kicks ass.

Photo bonus: the look on his face and the illusion that he is balancing little blocks of wood on his head.

Needless to say—many thanks to Vegas Princess, we love it!


Cindy said...

Isn't it fun to get surprises in the mail. I love the shirt and the expression.

Vegas Princess said...

I am so glad you loved everything but am horrified that you had to pay extra postage! Damn those automatic shipping terminals. I am so sorry about that. I weighed it, put in the zip code and it told me how much it would cost to ship so I purchased the postage sticker. Had no idea they would undercharge me as a cruel joke. I shall be sending you a quarter and a dime in the mail next. :)

P.S. Saw that shirt and knew I HAD to send it! Too, too perfect.

Vegas Princess said...

Oh and you know me too well. I hod gotten everything and passed by the display of candy goodness and the holly package did catch my eye. When I looked closer and saw what the treat was named I did crack up in the middle of the store and immediately added the pixie to my basket because of course I had to get it for you!

Naynayfazz said...

VP is quite generous. She sent me a gift for my wedding and I was speechless. She's a heck of a gal that one. All of your gifts were fun and so thoughtful. I love the shirt for G-Tot and the Holly/Pixie candy was clever. Enjoy!

Kelwhy said...

i'm so jealous! ;) that it really really awesome!

JQ said...

I got my Homie and that's all I care about.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Cindy Mom—I made it my desktop image I thought it was so cute.

VP—I'm joking about having to pay the postage! It was on there, but the mailman delivered it no problem. :)

I knew it about the pixie!! Haha!

Naynay—Don't you just love her?

Kelwhy—My blog buddies rock!

JQ—I got your Homie right here (*gestures inappropriately*)

Cruel Shoes said...

I heart Vegas Princess so much! She inspires me to try to be more thoughtful. :)

That shirt is fantastic! And the picture is, too. The blocks on the head cracked me up. Just promise me you won't call him a Blockhead. He's no Charlie Brown or nemesis to Gumby. G-Tot's so much cooler than any-a that.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Cruel Shoes—They're actually tiny paper bags on the shelf behind him. No son of mine will ever be a blockhead!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pixie - surprises in the mail are great!

Gideon's picture is fan-tas-tic!

So darn cute.


Steelers Wine Girl said...

That's awesome!! Getting things in the mail is a blast, and VP is a great mail-er! LOL.

Love the pic of G-tot - it's perfect!!

Anonymous said...

Love the t-shirt. Was I the only one laughing at the word "fannies"?

Kym said...

What a wonderful treat to receive in the mail! I LOVE the shirt, and the picture just cracks me up!! And seriously, how crazy to find the pixie with holly on it - wow, what are the chances? Definitely frame worthy!