Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I've got a question or two

Eighteen days into NaBloPoMo. That's over the halfway mark. With all that has been going on this month it's amazing that I've made it this far. Today, I've got questions. Answer one, answer them all. It's up to you.

How is it that it still takes me several minutes of clicking to connect wirelessly to the internet on my laptop? I've had it since JULY and it's incredibly annoying to not be able to connect instantly, but I fail to try to remedy the problem.

How much would you pay for a set of 5 fancy handmade gift tags?

How many of you readers exercise on a regular basis? What do you do (generally) and how often?

Do you drink the recommended daily intake of water regularly? Plain? With lemon? Other ideas?

Dishwasher or by hand?


Normal bedtime? How about when you wake up?

Will you click through and answer?


Anonymous said...

*saying it like Alvin*

How is it that it still takes me several minutes of clicking to connect wirelessly to the internet on my laptop? I've had it since JULY and it's incredibly annoying to not be able to connect instantly, but I fail to try to remedy the problem.

I can't help you there.

How much would you pay for a set of 5 fancy handmade gift tags? Hey! That's a neat idea! Good luck with that! I'm sure you'll be great at it! However, as I opted for the dollar package of stick on ones at Wal-Mart, I really have no idea what kind of price margin to suggest. I opted not to pay the two dollars (or more) for fancier varieties... but if they had been handmade by a friend, I sure would have supported that!

How many of you readers exercise on a regular basis? What do you do (generally) and how often? You don't really want ME to answer this question.

Do you drink the recommended daily intake of water regularly? Plain? With lemon? Other ideas?
I'm not a lemon fan, other than lemonade. The rest all reminds me of household cleaners. I love me some lime in my water, though, and have been tempted to try suggestions of orange and grapefruit. When I'm lazy, I water down juice or Gatorade, or something... Also, I just want to point out that all of those "drink 24 oz. of milk a day" ads... they feature a tall glass... which is most likely the whole 24 oz. recommendation, all at once. And yet somehow we are all led to believe we need to chug 3 of those tall glasses to get our recommended daily requirement. Let's think about this. Eight ounces is one one-cup-sized measuring cup. All you need is 3 of those. I think the same can be said of water. Depending on individual physiology and other water-bearing things a person consumes, it all depends on the size of the glass you use. I've recently adopted this theory from French Women Don't Get Fat: "If your pee is not clear and pale, you're not getting enough water." She also recommends drinking a glass before bed and upon waking, because sleep dehydrates you. Surprisingly, this has not interrupted my sleep by waking to pee, as I thought it would.

>o?Dishwasher or by hand?>/i>
Oh, God, do I ever miss my dishwasher.

As one who was raised in the church (Sunday morning, Sunday night, choir practice in-between, youth group, Wednesday night Bible studey, any pot lucks, funerals, weddings, holidays, revivals, special meetings or other such events...) and homeschooled (which included daily Bible lessons) due to my preacher-uncle discovering such things, my theory is "It's great discipline and education for young children and provides them with the background needed to make their own choices later in life, and if I had kids I would totally send them..." beyond that, however, I offer you this quote from a friend of my mom's:

"You went to church enough your whole life that you've earned the freedom not to go anymore."

Normal bedtime? How about when you wake up? 10:30pm, unless I am really tired, then it's 10, or even 9. If I am reading something good, I'll push it to 11. I get up at 7am every day, though sometimes neighborhood goings on wake me any time between 5:45 and 6:45.

Will you click through and answer?
Anything for you!

Kym said...

Let's see if I can cover all the questions:
1. wireless issues - take the time to call the provider to troubleshoot, but first, have you tried just rebooting the wireless modem? stupid question, but may do the trick

2. 5 fancy handmade gift tags - well, i'm cheap, so i just make my own. Does that answer the question?

3. exercise - ugh, tonight i suckered out (to my husbands disappointment) b/c there was nothing on the downstairs DVR and nothing on at the present time that is worth grabbing my attention. usually i try to do 3 days/week on the elliptical. 3 days/week arm weights (8 lb).

4. water - oh yes, i'm good with this. i love water, and drink it all day long (and even keep a glass on my nightstand to sip on throughout the night...when i'm up with the kids). at home, plain. when out, with lemon, but b/c i've heard such bad things about restaurants not washing their lemons, i just squeeze the juice in, and dispose of the actual lemon.

5. dishwasher or hand - depends. all our plates/cups/silverware - dishwasher. kids cups/bottles - hand.

6. church - yes, but not every sunday.

7. bedtime - by 10pm, sometimes earlier. wakeup is whenever the kids get up (at all hours of the night). weekdays we have an alarm set for 6:15 but someone usually has us up before it goes off.

Anonymous said...

Kym has an interesting point.
When I waited tables and tended bar, we used limes, rather than lemons, and we NEVER washed them before cutting, storing and using them. Hmmm...

Love how I botched my italics tags, too... yeah.

Vegas Princess said...

1. Have no idea. Sorry

2. No more than five dollars. I don't think tags should be expensive. They are ruined once you use them once and then thrown out with the wrapping.

3. I don't as much as I should. I wish I did every day.

4. Agin, don't do as often as I should. Especially since I live in the desert. But when I do it is very cold, lots of ice. Can't stand warm or even cool water.

5. Diswasher for plates and silverware, pots and pans by hand.

6. No but I am thinking of starting up again if I can find one I like.

7. Bed by about 2 or 2:30 AM. Up anywhere between 9:30 and noon. Depends on how tired I am.

8. Oh course!

Vegas Princess said...

Forgot I have a question for you. Where did you get that cool Twitter logo in your sidebar? I am getting sick of having my updates on my blog and that little bird would be perfect!

Vegas Princess said...

Oh and I never ever get lemon. We did a story on it once and ever since I heard the worde "fecal matter" on the lemons they use in restaurants I have stayed away.

Nobody™ said...

1. It's an apple. They suck. And I don't think WiFi is ready for prime-time. I've had issues with it on my laptops, Wii, pretty much everything. Sometimes it works perfect, other times, it's a pain.

2. 99 cents

3. I exercise 2-5 times a month. Sex is exercise..

4. I drink at least 60 ounces. Not plain, I drink it carbonated with caramel color, aspartame, phosphoric acid, potassium benzoate, caffeine, citric acid, and natural flavors.

5. Dishwasher. Soap doesn't kill germs.

6. Weddings and funerals only.

7. between 11:30 and 12:30pm Up at 6:30 am on work days.

8. Yes, yes I did.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Shades—So, does that make me Dave? And, no, I didn't want YOU to answer that one question. :)

kym—Good. I was feeling extra lazy there for a minute.

shades—You got most of them.

vp—I remember watching a story about the fecal citrus. Haven't done a lemon in a restaurant since. I can't remember where I got the twitter image but I'll see if I can find the pic on my hard drive and will email it to you.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Nobody—Mmm…natural flavors.

Tim said...

her unlazy husband didn't sucker out! I completely go in phases. When I lift, it's 2-3 times a week, right now I'm trying to do the elliptical 3-4 days a week for 20-30 minutes at a time, and when I run, I run like crazy (20-30 miles a week)

Anonymous said...

How much would you pay for a set of 5 fancy handmade gift tags?
I'd pay whatever it costs if I liked them that much. I mean, I'm the type of person that writes the name on the wrapping paper (cause I suck at wrapping) but yanno...my advice stays!

How many of you readers exercise on a regular basis? What do you do (generally) and how often?
I exercise pretty much 4-5 days a week...I do simple stuff like walking for an hour or doing a workout video.

Do you drink the recommended daily intake of water regularly? Plain? With lemon? Other ideas?
I drink way more than the recommended amount of water...just plain, out of the bottle.

Dishwasher or by hand?


Normal bedtime? How about when you wake up?
Bed time is anywhere between 10-12:30, depending onthe day. I usually wake up around 7:00.

Will you click through and answer?

Christina said...

1.) Not sure, but I've never been good with network administration stuff.

2.) Probably $5, at the most. It would depend on how much I like them.

3.) I take Chase on a lot of walks but I don't exercise as much as I should. I'm still doing Weight Watchers, though, and I've lost almost 40 pounds in 9 months, so I feel pretty comfortable with my level of activity (or lack thereof).

4.) I think I drink about 3 liters a day. I don't know if that's a lot or a little, but I started drinking that much when I was pregnant and then breastfeeding. I don't drink anything else, except for coffee and wine.

5.) Mostly dishwasher unless it's good knives, non-stick cookware or something fancy like our wedding crystal.

6.) Probably 3 times/month but I just started going again in March. Before that, like Shades, my parents over-churched me so I felt like I could take a few years (give or take) off.

7.)Bedtime for Chase is 7:30. Bedtime for me is normally around 11. Wake up is usually around 7, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. It all depends on the little guy.

8.) Yes! :) Done.

Christina said...

I didn't answer the lemon thing. I don't use lemons because I don't like the flavor, but I used to get limes in restaurants until that news piece about the fecal matter. Yikes.

Cruel Shoes said...

First of all, Fecal Citrus should be a death-metal band. It's just very evil sounding.

Here are my answers:
* Can't help you on the computer stuff. Sorry.
* I would probably pay $5 for the lot of them. Unless they were really elaborate and made by a friend--then I might go as high as $10. (I once bought a homemade birthday card for $5 that was totally not impressive just because no one else was buying stuff from this one girl at a craft show. I tend to do that.)
* It comes and goes, but at the moment I am exercising very regularly. I ride my bike to work 2-3 times a week (totalling about 50 minutes each day), and hike at least twice a week for a little over an hour. Then I walk Hurley at night about 4 times a week, but that's not very aerobic. I love not going to the gym and walking the treadmill like a hamster!
* I'm sure I drink enough water on most days of the week, but when I am out doing stuff I tend to get dehydrated because I forget to bring water with me. And out here you really DO need it. VP knows what I'm talkin' bout. And NO on adding anything to my water, except for ice.
* Dishwasher for most of it, but I handwash the good knives, the cutting boards, strainers and pots and pans. In fact my cutting boards and knives are almost never in the drawer since I use them so frequently. (I'm a big salad eater.)
* Church? You know, I would like to go again, and I am scoping out a few nearby that could work. I'm looking for a very open-minded church. I admit I like worship and prayer in a church setting, even though I am perfectly content doing this on my own because too many years in church as a kid and teenager kind of wore me out on it. And then my ex-ex was very religious and we went to church all the time and it turned out to be a MESS (some pastors will fight you on any sort of animal 'stewardship' arguments you try to make and tell you how wrong you are), so that ruined it for me too. (It didn't help that he ended up marrying the pastor's 23 year old daughter, either. Yuck.)
* Normal bedtime is usually around midnight, unfortunately. And lately it's been getting later and later, only because I am dumb and don't know when to stop doing stuff and just go to bed already. I wake up at 6:05 every weekday, but b/c of the stupid staying-up thing, I've been snoozing and stalling until about 7 before I get out of bed.
* You know it! How could I resist?

Marci said...

Good job on NaBloPoMo so far!! Congrats :)

I've gotta exercise more - it's one of my current goals. I started by getting a pedometer.

As for the dishes? I have been handwashing since I left for college (now 13 years ago), and I now have a dishwasher for the first time in all those years. I would write an ode, if I could, to the glories of the dishwasher! In fact, maybe I should!

Take care :)