Sunday, November 23, 2008

I had to pee about twenty minutes into the movie

It's 12:12 and I'm sitting in the theater waiting for Twilight to start. I don't have text capabilities on my phone and there isn't a wi-fi signal for my iPod to pick up. If there was I'd be twittering all of this—I guess you can consider yourself lucky.

The show starts at 12:30 and is in the Director's Hall which = more money & minimal perks. I don't mind this time. As I was standing in line I noticed the normal priced tickets already listed a 1:00 and 7:00 show as sold out. Crazy. I'll pay the few extra dollars and enjoy the cushy seats with fewer patrons.

Right now there are about 25–30 people in here and it's 12:18 pm. I'm second row from the top, dead center. And I'm alone. I felt an odd pang of guilt as I left the house today. Spending time alone—outside of the house and NOT at work is just something I don't really do anymore.

I think I'm the only person here alone. It's starting to fill in and there is a low droning sound from all the chatter. It reminds me of the office chatter from the old school Sims Tower game. JQ, you know what I'm talking about.

It's dark in here. I can't see the paper at all.
Holy crap it's hot in here.
What's with all these commercials trying to be like a movie trailer? Are they trying to trick us into watching them?

12:24—Putting away the notebook. Getting ready for two hours with Edward and Bella.

Crap, the screen has been black for at least two minutes. I'm starting to freak out. HALP! MUST SEE TWILIGHT!! Ahh…okay, deep breath. Relax you nut job.

12:38—Still nothing and now the crowd is harrassing the usher. Poor girl. Crap it's hot in here.

12:41—The usher just came in and said the movie would start in 10 minutes. We get to sit in the dark. Lovely. Damn how I year for wi-fi.

I hear rustling in the projector room. The crowd (probably 50 people or less) is getting restless. I want to ask the people behind me if they've read the books. But I feel like a turd doing that so I won't. Hmm…is the Mom with her pre-teen son here because SHE read the series? Or does the boy want to be here because of the previews?

12:47—I hear a reel running. Here we go.

Holy crap that was good. I'm the last person in the theater waiting for the end of the closing credits. I can't believe everybody left. Are we the only people who wait through the credits to see if there is something extra at the very end? Am I the only real fan in here?

But yeah, I loved it. Beautifully shot. Well acted—even the minor characters were enjoyable. I thought Robert Pattinson did a great job as Edward. I had read the first chapter of Midnight Sun awhile back and he played the classroom scene perfectly. Bella was great—I thought Kristen Stewart did an excellent job. I loved the surprise cameo appearance in the diner. I laughed more than once and even though I knew the story I jumped at one point in the film.

I'm so glad I had the opportunity to see it opening weekend. It was everything I hoped it would be and it will be a part of our collection as soon as it comes out on DVD.


Vegas Princess said...

YAY!!!! I am so happy you got to see it this weekend and even happier you loved it! But it makes me sad you had to go on your own. I am stating here and now we have to really make an effort when New Moon comes out to all see it together. If we plan far enough in advance we should be able to pull it off. As long as the studio doesn't do a bait and switch again and move the movie up a month. :)

And hubby and I ALWAYS stay to the very end of any movie we go see. Because, as someone who works in the business, a lot of work goes into everything and I believe everyone should get the consideration of having at least someone see their name on the screen. Plus, as you said, sometimes fun things happen at the end of movies that everyone else misses. Charming and I are always the last ones to leave the theatre.

I could go on and on but I won't bore your readers with my feelings about the movie. Maybe you and I will chat more about it later. But your reactions seem to be exactly how I felt. Beautifully shot, well acted and an overall great film!

❉ pixie ❉ said...

vp—I don't mind see movies by myself. I would absolutely love to see it with the girls, but this was good too. It's too bad that the majority of you live out West. So far away for my travel budget—which is non-existent.

Please share your thoughts! I love reading your comments. What did you think about the surprise cameo in the diner? Did you know about that?

Marci said...

I read the books, and I'm really excited to see the movie. My sis and I were going to go last night, but we wound up going to see Equus on Broadway at the last minute (Daniel Radcliffe is always worth it!!). Your review is so encouraging, and I will definitely go see it soon. Thanks!

❉ pixie ❉ said...

marci—Ohhh, yes, I would have opted for Equus too! How often do you get that opportunity? I LOVED the books and thought the movie translation turned out great. Hope you like it!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't even let myself make coffee this morning, or take my vitamins- because I knew that would lead to disaster. I felt bad enough for poor Little Sis sitting next to me with new-baby breakdancing on her bladder...

❉ pixie ❉ said...

shades—I just tried to ignore it.

Vegas Princess said...

marci- so jealous you got ot see Equus. I wanted to go to NY to see that so bad. Still hoping I can somehow get there in January before it leaves. I would have chosen Daniel's bare bottom over Twilight too. :)

pixie- My thoughts...okay. I loved the scene where Edward saves Bella from the thugs and then the restaurant scene after. That is where he really "became" Edward for me. I loved the casting for Bella's friends, they were perfect, especially Mike, Jessica and Angela. Charlie, LOVED him! And just how I pictured him. Did not think Renee was great, but okay. Was disappointed the Cullen house was not white since that is pointed out several times in the book that it is a big white house in a field. My only real beef about the movie was I felt we got gyped with the meadow scene. That was huge for me since that was the dream that started S. Meyer to write the books. I feel they could have done more there, and moving the kiss to her bedroom, while hot how they did it, was better in the meadow in the book.

I did know Steph was going to be in the film and I even knew what the waitress said to her, a little nod to her vegetarian vampires. :)

I think they could have explained a bit more why Rosalie was so against Bella and while Kristin grew on me I do think she downplayed her attratction to Edward too much in the beginning so it was harder for me to believe how much she loved him. But she nailed the scene in the hospital. And I just thought Rob was great. His looks were so intense and perfect. But I loved him being in that part all along since I have liked him since HP. I was one of the few excited to see him in the role. And I am so happy his songs are in the film, I have loved the little snippets I have been able to find of his over the years (there is not much) I love actors who sing too but don't make a big deal about it (Ryan Gosling is an awesome singer but you would never know it) Rob is good, although he is insisting he doesn't want to be seen as another "God, an actor who thinks he can sing!" In fact the director practically had to browbeat him into giving her some of his tracks. He says he would like to make more music but doesn't want to do it so soon after the movie because too much hype would be tied to it. I had major issues with Kristin but she did well. And I LOVE Jacob, what a cutie!!!

Whew...I am sure I have more. Like how incredible the scenery was and I loved the intimate nature of the cinematography. I could go on and on...The scene at the end when he kisses her neck...sigh. :)

Cruel Shoes said...

Oh, yeah. It was awesome. I've been listening to the soundtrack all day. Like VP, I loved so many moments in the movie, too, and thought the use of the Muse song during the baseball game was pretty damn cool. Yup. I'd see it again. :)

JQ said...

I smell what your laying down.

Steelers Wine Girl said...

Okay, I did love the casting of Bella's friends - I thought Mike was hilarious. I didn't like Renee, either (shock).

What is this Midnight Sun thing you people all keep talking about??? I'm a latecomer to the game...

Fantastagirl said...

Finally - someone else who liked the movie!

I loved, loved, loved the books, and downloaded the Midnight Sun draft from her website - loved it - can't wait for the book.

Went with some friends and we like it! I think they got the characters pretty close to how I pictured them, but was realistic to know that the movie would be different from the books...I'd go see it again, I wanted to take mr. I, but after he read a few blogger reviews he said - "nope".

I'll make him watch it with me when it comes out on DVD though.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

vp—I'm with you 100% on the casting AND the Cullen House. As well as your entire last paragraph. If I was a telephone girl I'd totally be calling you to discuss it. But alas, I hate talking on the phone. Man how I wish we could all get together. Damn these long distance relationships. ;)

cruel shoes—I think I'm the only one of the bunch that doesn't have the soundtrack.

jq—You mean my farts?

swg—Midnight Sun is Twilight from Edward's POV. You can find out more about it at Stephenie Meyer's website. I'd go into detail, but I think Vegas Princess already did in reply to you on one of our blogs. No need to be redundant. :)

fantastagirl—I want JQ to see it too! Vegas Princess said her husband (a non-fan with an obsessed wife) really liked it. That's a good sign.

Vegas Princess said...

I am sending you the soundtrack ASAP with all of the bonus tracks included. :)

Vegas Princess said...

Oh and I'll send you the score too when it comes out on Dec. 9th. Already have my copy on reserve. :)

❉ pixie ❉ said...

vp—You are my favorite Vegas friend. :)