Tuesday, October 14, 2008

29 down, 72 to go

This afternoon I set my laptop on the kitchen counter and compared the list below to the one I have taped to the kitchen cabinets. Highlighting and dating the items on that hard copy as I complete them gives me a sense of real satisfaction and accomplishment. I'm not as diligent about marking them off the list online. So today I compared the list and updated the one below. I've now completed 29 out the 101 items. Not too bad in just 6 months, right? That's an average of 4.83 items per month or about 1 per week. I'd say that's pretty good—especially since some of the items took an entire week before the goal was actually accomplished. For you math lovers that's just under 29% complete—and I still have 824 days to go.

Here's a look at the updated list and all that I've accomplished so far. I've included a blurb from the original post for you newcomers (and those of you that don't memorize random facts about my entire life). I really value the thoughts and feedback from all of you so don't forget to leave a comment!

The reason I'm doing this is here.

There are all sorts of reasons that these items are on my list. I'd love to hear your thoughts on them. Wonder why I put something on my list? Just ask. See something on there you've always wanted to do? Let me know in the comments. Think I'm crazy? Well, that's a given.

101 in 1001

Start date: Saturday, April 19, 2008
Finish date: Saturday, January 15, 2011

For Others
1. Participate in a walk for charity
2. Volunteer for a least one hour somewhere
3. Donate to a worthy cause
4. Write a letter to someone
5. Send a "just because" package to a friend
6. Send a "just because" package to a blogger buddy (5.13.08)
7. Give $5 to a stranger in need

Health & Nutrition

1. Get back to goal weight
2. Exercise (cardio) 3 days a week for one month
3. Do Strength Training 2 days a week for one month
4. Do Yoga 3 days a week for one month
5. Eat whole foods (nothing processed) for one week
6. Buy bikes (again) and go on a long ride (6.07.08 rode to Penguin Palace & back—approx. 7 miles)
7. Shoot my bow
8. Do 10 "regular-style" pushups
9. Eat breakfast (by 10 am) everyday for one week (7.18.08)
10. Do not eat after 10:30 pm for one week (7.18.08)

Family Time
1. Take G-tot to Butterfly House 8.05.08)
2. Take G-tot camping (just the 3 of us)
3. Travel overnight with G-tot
4. Go to a corn maze
5. Take a hayride (9.26.08)
6. Take G-tot to Storytime at the library (9.18.08)
7. Take G-tot to the Art Museum
8. Have a picnic with JQ & G-tot (7.11.08)
9. Become Zoo Members (4.27.08)
10. Take G-tot to an outdoor music event (7.11.08)
11. Get a family portrait taken
12. Take G-tot to the pool/beach (6.12.08)

Cooking & Entertaining
1. Make bracciole
2. Make a cake and frosting from scratch
3. Can something (homemade pasta sauce, homemade pickles, etc.) (6.29.08, rum soaked cherries)
4. Make creme brulee
5. Host an "Appetizers" party
6. Host a wine and cheese party
7. Make homemade ice cream (6.14.08)
8. Showcase the harvest from our garden in one meal (7.10.08, 7.15.08)

Arts & Crafts
1. Make a wooden "g" for G-man's door
2. Take an art class (preferably glass blowing)
3. Learn CSS
4. Edit home movies into DVD's
5. Learn Screenprinting
6. Letterpress something again
7. Sketch everyday for one week (6.30.08)
8. Enter a photography competition
9. Exhibit my artwork in a gallery setting
10. Create a short art film (abstract, documentary, or conceptual)
11. Create photo books
12. Make plaster hand print (G-man's)

1. Grow Melons or Pumpkins
2. Finish bird sanctuary in backyard (7.05.08)
3. Plant bulbs (4.19.08)
4. Enlarge garden (5.9.08)
5. Make a worm bin (composting)
6. Make a rain barrel
7. Make a yard compost bin
8. Build a platform bird feeder
9. Build a birdhouse
10. Make homemade suet cakes for birds
11. Grow a root veggie (spring/summer 2008, green onions)

Domestic Life
1. Remodel bathroom
2. Repaint the living room (7.24.08)
3. Create prints for the bedroom
4. Tile the back steps
5. Compile an emergency kit for home
6. Organize the office
7. Put up cabinets in office
8. Sell or donate unwanted items in basement
9. Get all items from Gam's that belong to us (7.26.08)

Meeting New People
1. Meet neighbors (Toby's wife & son)
2. Befriend Amanda (other neighbor) (Fall 2008)
3. Network at a design function (10.14.08 Madhouse)
4. Contact a stranger for a student group function

Enriching our Lives
1. Canoe
2. Take a train ride
3. Visit an aboretum (preferably w/ japanese gardens)
4. Go to planetarium
5. Meditate on regular basis (2-3 times per week for one month)
6. Learn to play Chess
7. Play Risk with JQ
8. Go on a guided tour (park, museum, etc.)
9. Attend two Summer/Fall Festivals (Blackswamp, Crosby Gardens, Apple Butter, etc.)
10. Take at least one class towards my Master's Degree
11. Take a dance class
12. Attend a religious service
13. Go to a book/poetry reading
14. Go to an open mic event at a cafe/coffeeshop
15. Attend a play put on by a local theatre group
16. Learn to play a kid's tune on the guitar

1. Obtain domain and launch website
2. Launch Etsy shop (9.06.08)
3. Sell something on Etsy (9.11.08)
4. Write reviews of books (Sourcebooks)
5. Enjoy a cup of coffee with a sunrise
6. Read 10 books in 2008 (8.21.08)
7. Read 15 books in 2009
8. Get up by 7:30 am every morning for one week (7.26.08)
9. Take public transportation (or walk/ride bike) for an entire day (5.27.08)
10. Wear fingernail polish for entire week
11. Wear toenail polish for entire week (5.31.08)
12. Write a reflective essay about the process of 101 in 1001

Did you read them all? Good for you!


Cruel Shoes said...

Yes, I read them all! Do I get a special prize? I love prizes. Yay!

Anonymous said...

I read them all and I gotta say (because I keep forgetting) that I am just so happy for you that you guys got bikes again! I know how bad that was and what kind of old feeligns it stirs up! How great is it to be able to make new, fun, FAMILY memories surrouding bikes with G-tot!

Nobody™ said...

I read them all. And I do have a question or two.

Can I have $5? Money's a bit short this week.

Are you sure you haven't grown melons?

Vegas Princess said...

I bet the corn maze one gets done sometime soon! Unless you wait for next year. :)

This list is so cool. I really need to do one of my own. Looking this over I realize there are so many things I would like to make myself do, knowing I would be so happy to have done them when I am finished.

RR said...

I envy you and your list making! My list would start with this item:

1) Make List