Sunday, August 17, 2008

weekly winners: august 10–16

I took very few shots this week in comparison to last week. A full two-thirds less. Sure, that's still almost a hundred photos, but the difference is huge. On top of that I only shot on three days. I've been experimenting with some different subjects and lighting so a lot of what I shot will be heading for the trash. Here's what caught my eye and made it through this week:




finger painting diptych (click on thumbnail for a better view)


vintage tuning pegs


apple dumpling


suzanne Says... said...

Great pictures! Love the fingerpainting!

Rebecca said...

What a handsome little fellow your boy is, love all those photos! :)

secret agent mama said...

Love the time value manipulation in the first one!

Rebecca said...

The first shot is stunning!

Awesome photos!

❉ pixie ❉ said...

suzanne—Thanks! It was a fun (albeit messy) activity.

rebecca—Well, thanks. We think he's pretty cute too.

secret agent mama—I have no idea what that means, but thanks.


Rachel said...

Those are awesome!!
the first one, and painting series are fabulous.

Scylla said...

Oh Apple Dumpling is simply gorgeous!

connie said...

ALL great winners this week~couldn't even begin to choose a fave; they're all so good!

Vegas Princess said...

You always save the best for last. Although the green hands is a keeper too. Did he get a lot on you? :)