Tuesday, July 15, 2008

super why & princess presto

Look! G-tot and I made the local PBS website! We are picture numbers 145 & 146. And yes, I clicked through the first 144 previous pictures to find us. They are from the Claire's Day event we went to at the end of May. The woman who took the pictures told us they would be online but no other info than that. This past Sunday JQ, G-tot and I went to another PBS event, this time a WGTE funded Share-a-Story day. It was at the station which was cool because JQ and I got to peek in the windows and see some of the studios. Anyway, G-tot had his picture taken again and this time the photographer gave us a slip of paper with the website on it for looking at the pictures. The pictures aren't up from that event yet but with a bit of navigation I found the ones from Claire's Day. How cool!


Cruel Shoes said...

Yay! You're super stars! :)

Vegas Princess said...

So cool! And if you ever want a studio tour come to Vegas, I'll hook you up BIG time! :)

I loved working for the PBS affiliate in Cleveland. I had such fun there.