Friday, July 11, 2008


My wish for a family picnic came through last night. I never made it to the meat market so we picked up some fried chicken to go, but everything happened as planned. We ate the bacon wrapped cream cheese stuffed jalapeños before we left the house and JQ could not stop talking about them. Looks like we will be making a bunch of them in the near future.

unpacking the basket

JQ almost always makes a funny face when I 'm taking his picture. On purpose.

It's not very often we get to use our fancy picnic basket. I thought picnic time warranted the use of a real picnic basket so I dusted it off and packed it full of all the goodies I mentioned in yesterday's post. Everything was delicious.


The gnats were a bit annoying and at one point when I had tired of their constant buzzing about my food, I yelled to them in disgust, "I will eat you!". Good times. G-tot would not sit still while we were trying to eat (as witnessed below in my awesome stop motion style film) so—in an effort to actually enjoy dinner instead of just chasing after him—we had to bust out the stroller for him to eat at.

One of JQ's friends was playing at another park for their summer concert series last night so after dinner and some playground time we headed over there. The show started at 7 pm and so did the rain. We went up onto the gazebo along with the band right before it started pouring. We had been there about a half an hour when it let up enough that we could make a run for the car. By the time we got home G-tot was exhausted having just experienced his first picnic and first outdoor concert. I love family time.


Nobody™ said...

Family times like that are indeed awesome.

Naynayfazz said...

Wow, that was a great recap of the night. Last night was boring for me so I am defnitely envious! And the good, looks yummy! :)

Vegas Princess said...

Man, I miss having picnics. Hard to have them when there is no grass and it is 114 degrees outside. Looks like a blast!

JQ said...

I love our snowflake picnic blanket.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

nobody—They're the best.

naynay—We wrapped up the night with Last Comic Standing and me asleep before 11. Excitement knows no boundaries here.

vp—You'll have to picnic in November when it's not so hot. Or do what we do in the winter and "picnic" on the floor in your house.

jq—I know…so nice and summery.

Naynayfazz said...

HA HA HA, I just realized I wrote "good" instead of "food". I know you know what I am talking about but I still think it is funny. Can you imagine if I wrote "goods" and it said "The goods are yummy" and then all of these rumors started.

Sorry, I read too many gossip websites. hahaaha

Cruel Shoes said...

I love hearing about your family's adventures! The picnic must have been awesome, and I'm wondering...did you ever eat the gnats, then? :)

❉ pixie ❉ said...

naynay—I noticed that. Your commentary on it made me crack up!

cruel shoes—I'm so glad since I like telling them! No, I think I managed to scare them off with my threats. :)