Sunday, March 9, 2008

11 months

Dear Gideon,

I cannot believe that in just two weeks you are going to be one year old. This past year has slipped by so fast. It's almost surreal. I'm really late writing this letter to you this month. I always want to say just the right things and write all the news from the last month and it keeps me from sitting down and just doing it.

coloring wrapping paper for Grandma G's birthday

As usual it's seems like so many new developments have happened in the last month. However, since the days go by so fast everything is starting to blend together. You've taken one or two unassisted steps but for the most part you refuse to let go (of whatever it is you're holding onto) when you are walking. I know you can do it on your own but you seem to think that gravity will get the better of you. Trust me, it will have it's way with you at times, but for the most part you're safe.

discovering your shadow

You can identify lots of items with a quick point when we prompt you for the location. You probably think we're dumb constantly asking you, "Where's the elephant?", "Where's the monkey?", "Where's Daddy?" but you humor us anyway.

helmet head

Those four teeth you had last month have turned into seven and they have been so trying on our sleeping schedule. You wake up almost every night at 3 a.m.—I'd love for that to stop. Sleep is good. Someday you'll miss it. I know I do.

boob-tube baby

You've been discovering all the cool things in the world around you—outside, how to sort shape blocks, what's in the kitchen cupboards, how to turn the TV on and off. If you can reach it, you're checking into it. Perhaps your favorite discovery this month is one that has always been close to you—your penis. Every time we put you in the bath—still a top contender for all time favorite activities—one hand goes right for your baby bits. So begins a lifelong friendship. It cracks me up.


You have quite a personality and are definitely using it to your advantage. You've even charmed the socks off the lady from the freezer section at our local Kroger's. When she saw you the other day she shouted out, "There's my guy!" You replied with a smile and offered her your lion toy. Now if I could just teach you to wink, maybe we could get some free ice cream.



Nobody™ said...

He's at an awesome age. I can still remember when my son learned to walk. I don't think I had ever been more excited in my life.

It was kind of like when my daughter finally started talking. Now I just wish she would stop for one minute...

He's going to start really getting fun at this age!

Fantastagirl said...

He is so cute! and growing so fast, I loved this stage and to see everything through their eyes is just amazing!

Vegas Princess said...

Wait a minute. Where did the last year go? He is almost a year old already? Wow! And such a handsome little man too.

Cruel Shoes said...

Hee hee... wonder when he will introduce his shadow to his little boy bits. "Check this out, shadow! Weird, right?" :)

He's so cute. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Aww, what a guy!

DutchBitch said...

OMG! Just 2 more weeks? I can't believe it. The year has flown by!

Mr. Fabulous said...

You know, I am not very good at being serious, but you have done an awesome job over the last year chronicling the life and development of this special little guy.

There have been some times when I have kinda looked back and thought about what if I had made the decision to have children. You guys make it look pretty neat.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

nobody—It's bittersweet.

fantastagirl—It is amazing. I love having a child of my own.

vp—Tell me about it. I was in tears feeding him breakfast this morning because my baby is growing up so fast.

cruel shoes—Haha! "Weird, right?" That cracked me up!

shades—He's so much better in person!

dutchy—Hold me.

fab—Thanks. Coming from you that really means a lot. You know what? It is neat. Maybe because we wanted a baby and were ready, but whatever the reason, we love it beyond words. Even the rough days.

JQ said...

Fab- It's not too late to procreate. Hey, that's catchy!

Naynayfazz said...

I was wondering when G-Money's birthday was. So soon! I can't wait for the big birthday post.

Why, yes, I did just call your little innocent son "G-Money". I couldn't help myself. Sorry.

Naynayfazz said...

Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture with the horns. Adorable!

Silicone Alley said...

Wow-I am new to your blog but looking back at your previous post and "watching" him grow up has been an awesome experience.

Lynda said...

Awww! These posts are dangerous for me. I am in a "I want babies" mood.