Monday, November 5, 2007

smoke and a pancake

Miss Zoot has been leaving daily prompts at her NaBloPoMo page. Yesterday her prompt struck a chord with me. Zoot wrote:
How do you feel about breakfast? It seems more and more adults are skipping breakfast for copious amounts of caffeine. Are you one of them? Do you eat healthy breakfasts or good ones? (Not that they're necessarily mutually exclusive. I guess. What are you favorite breakfast foods? Do you eat breakfast foods at other times of the day? In the South we have a lot of little country places that makes fantastic breakfasts. Do you have any Mom-and-Pop type places that serve the same?
Breakfast is an issue that I really struggle with. I know it is incredibly important to eat breakfast, but I don't as often as I should. There are two main reasons for this.
  1. My non-morning side hates to get up and therefore most mornings I only leave enough time to shower, feed Gideon, & get all of our stuff together before we leave.
  2. I'm not hungry right away.
On days that I work in the morning I am usually heading out the door with a stainless steel travel mug full of black coffee (or a soy latte if we have the milk) & a piece of string cheese. When I was diligent about eating breakfasts I would have Cheerios & milk or 2 plain blueberry waffles. I would consider those both good and "healthy". On weekends JQ & I occasionally make a big fat laden breakfast together: bacon, eggs, pancakes, coffee, and juice.
Mmm...bacon. I just bought some A1 the other day to have with bacon next time we make it. That is a tasty combination.
I like scrambled eggs and omelettes but my favorite type of breakfast eggs has to be over easy. I like a cooked white with a nice runny yolk to dip my toast in. I have an odd habit of eating all the white part leaving the yolk perfectly in tact until the end. I'll even try to take the top layer of the yolk portion off to leave an open orb of runny yolk.
I like pancakes and waffles but I don't like syrup. At.All. When I have pancakes I top them with a pat of butter and a bit of cinnamon and sugar.
If we are having breakfast at a diner I put hot sauce on my eggs. I also enjoy sausage gravy and biscuits but rarely have it. I make a great version of it, we just don't usually have all the ingredients on hand. Plus it's really unhealthy. What I would like to know is what are some quick, healthy, portable breakfasts to have in the morning?


Mr. Fabulous said...

Screw healthy! I want some of your sausage and gravy biscuits!

Mel said...

I used to not eat breakfast and eat meals at odd times but now that I am diabetic, I HAVE to eat breakfast and try to eat on a schedule.

Tim said...

A1 on bacon? hmmm.

How do you cook you bacon? last summer we started cooking it in the oven. It's easy and it makes nice crispy bacon. I'm getting hungry for some now.

Vegas Princess said...

Since I don't go to bed until around 3 Am and get up around 11 AM breakfast doesn't usually occur for me. I am a sucker for breakfast at any other time of the day though. I love having eggs and bacon at midnight for instance. So I guess I am not the one to help you out! :)

Fantastagirl said...

My daily breakfast consists of...

A Diet Coke.

Hillary said...

Quick, healthy, portable breakfasts: bran muffins (you can buy them or make them using raisin bran!), a piece of fruit, whole wheat toast, granola bars or nutri-grain bars...those are some of my favorite quick breakfasts anyways.
but string cheese and coffee works too. :)

JQ said...

You want a peanut butter's funny if you say it like a robot.

I think.

It was in my head anyway.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

fab—Next time you're in NW Ohio let us know. I'll leave a bowl on the front porch.

mel—What do you eat? I would think it would be at least a little healthy.

tim—We bake our bacon on a broiler pan often. It's something we both did when we worked in the restaurant industry. Makes nice straight slices of crispy bacon. Yum! A1 on bacon is so good. Double yum!

fantastagirl—Does the "diet" make it healthy?

vp—What do you eat when you get up at 11? Anything?

hillary—Those sound almost too healthy.

jq—I'm so burnt out on those. They gotten to the point of reminding me of the old Payday phenomenon. I think I'll pass.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

I mean "they have gotten". Which still sounds wrong, but whatever.

Cruel Shoes said...

My usual breakfast is cereal with a glass of OJ. And I admit to being partial to the bad Cinnamon Life and Cocoa Krispies. I never outgrew eating that crap. Other days, I drink a Slim-Fast shake in the car on the way to work. I always eat breakfast, but most of the time it is ALWAYS too much sugar. Oh, well! :)

Lynda said...

I eat yogurt for breakfast. But I also have been known to eat string cheese, maybe some crackers, a sandwich. Who said breakfast had to be breakfast food?

Personally, I don't like cereal. And if Dan didn't like pancakes and waffles, I would never eat them, because they aren't my favorite. Also don't always like eggs, which is better than when I never liked eggs. (hard-boiled or omelets only, though)

My favorite thing for breakfast is sausage links and hashbrowns.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

cruel shoes—Cinnamon Life is a bad cereal?

lynda—Sausage links and hashbrowns. The breakfast of clogged arteries.

Anonymous said...

Yogurt- especially since they make the drinkable kind.

I was a fan of Boost when I was working alot and needed quick meals.

"milk & cereal" bars are awesome. I like the Honey Nut Cheerios version and the Cinnamon Toast Crunch ones best.

I also used to pack some generic Nutri-grain-esque fruit bars.

Fig Newtons makes more sense, though...

The string cheese idea is great.

I once heard someone say "anything you eat before lunch is considered "breakfast"." That means whether it's a breakfast food or not. It doesn't mean "EVERYTHING you eat before lunch..."

Lynda said...

Mmmmm...but it is good!

Cruel Shoes said...

The way I eat Cinnamon Life makes it a "bad" cereal. I can't eat just one (or two or three)'s like CRACK.

Stephanie said...

I wait until I get to work and have coffee and a Fiber One bar. That doesn't sound like much, but somehow the coffee makes the cereal bar seem like part of a piping hot breakfast. (And for those who count, it's only 2 points. . .)

Vegas Princess said...

pixie: When I get up at 11 I usually have some sort of pasta or a sandwich.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

shades—I could do the nutrigrain bars but not the drinkable yogurt or the cereal bars. Aren't those awfully sweet?

cruel shoes—Just put it in one giant bowl. That's what JQ does.

stephanie—2 points? I may have to check those out.

vp—Which would technically be breakfast. Right?

❉ pixie ❉ said...

lynda—True. Very, very true.