Friday, November 9, 2007

random photo Friday

Sidenote: Man, I am a grammar nazi. I had the title as "random foto friday" and I could not—once again—in good judgment keep it like that.

I thought for fun I would pull a random photo from a box in the house and post it along with a factoid about it. I grabbed the box, closed my eyes, reached in and pulled out this gem.

This could not be a more perfect picture. It cracks me up and is so obscure you would think I picked it intentionally. It's a picture of JQ from November of 2000 (the back of the photo was dated—go me!). We had these small post-it notes and JQ thought it would be funny to draw eyes on two of them, punch holes for the pupils (so he could still see), and...well you see the picture. I don't have to explain it like I'm talking to a group of monkeys. It's taken a our first place together and we had just moved in a month prior. It looks like there is a backdrop hanging behind JQ. That means it would have been shot the same day as the shot I did of JQ and his siblings for a gift to his parents. Seven years ago. I wonder if we have any of those post-its around...OMG we do!


fidget said...

bwaahahahaahha! i love this!

JQ said...

I can't believe that was seven years ago.

Naynayfazz said...

That is some funny stuff. haha

❉ pixie ❉ said...

fidget—When I saw the post-its in the desk I almost peed I ws so excited.

jq—And still as handsome as ever.

naynay—We are funny, funny people.

Vegas Princess said...

Okay this was hysterical! Especially the reenactment at the end. Perfect!

Lynda said...

That's so cute!!