Wednesday, November 7, 2007

major evidence of my ocd at the end of this post

I realized the other day that I need to take a page out of Gideon's diet if I want to lose weight. If I ate the same type of things I feed him those last few pounds I'm hanging on to would come right off. Crazy? I disagree. Think about it.

Milk. Fruits. Vegetables. Barley, rice, and oatmeal cereals. A small serving of juice once a day. An occasional dessert style baby food. Nutritious. Preservative free. Most of them free of extras sugars. How could you not lose weight? It's essentially a pureed version of the Core plan on Weight Watchers.

I was down .2 again this week. That's the sad little number I'm repeatedly eeking out. It's a result of not really concerning myself with what I'm eating. Making a half-ass effort to eat more nutritiously and less processed and convenient. I love whole foods. I love to cook. There is no reason I should be treating my body to less than the best. It's just seems easier to sometimes reach for the garbage. Only 7 weeks until the end of the year and my goal was to have those last few pounds off. I better give this baby food thing a try.

Move over Gideon, Momma wants to share those pears with you.

Yes I am that anal.
Not only are they arranged by food types (3 rows of fruits, 3 rows of vegetables, 1 row of desserts), but they are also arranged by color. Sometimes I frighten myself. In my defense it makes it really easy to see what we have and what we need. Plus, I can make sure Gideon is eating a colorful diet and getting a variety of choices.


Anonymous said...

Monica - Leave the shoes on the floor!!

love ya,

Mel said...

My husband would LOVE you for this, he is always rearranging the cabinets in his OCD style.

Good luck to you! I have changed my diet dramically after being diagnosed with diabetes in June and I have only lost 10 lbs.

Anonymous said...

Pixie - I should have signed...

Rachael the end of my post.

Mel - don't give up - from one who struggles with weight and diet constantly.


❉ pixie ❉ said...

ac(w)p—At least it's better than being called Joey.

mel—Don't show him the picture or you might be in for a world of reorganizing trouble.

Anonymous said...

Ah Pixie - you make me LOL! And so do those crazy friends.

p.s. I could use some of your OCD qualities myself.

Kym said...

Wow, you are quite organized with that baby food. I always just tossed it in the closet, and we'd have to dig around looking for fruit or veges, never knowing if in fact we were actually out of it. Want to come to Philly and help me get organized??? I could seriously use some help... well, alright, a LOT of help!

Also, .2 down is better than .2 up, so good job! The holidays are tough to try to just maintain weight, let alone lose it, so I wish you the best. I need to drop a few more, but I have pretty much just accepted they are here to stay :-)

❉ pixie ❉ said...

ac(w)p—Wacky little conundrums those pesky friend find them selves in, eh?

kym—You're right. I am happy to be down. It's just slow going. I've just hit a plateau and need to mix things up a bit.

Anonymous said...

I think you're doing good!
The food organization makes sense to me.

Naynayfazz said...

Hey at least you are attempting WW. I have more chins than a chinese phone book, and I haven't dieted yet. Sigh.....

.2 is good. Better than nothing.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

shades—I knew you'd appreciate it for some reason.

naynay—It's just so hard to stay focused and motivated anymore.

Vegas Princess said...

Your cabinet looks so pretty!