Monday, November 26, 2007

the final stretch

Day 26.
The end is near.

Frankly, I'm impressed I made it this far. November has been an extremely busy month for us. A new quarter started at work and with it came new responsibilities in the guise of a promotion. I'm still adjusting to life with a baby. There is a schedule that revolves around him—but not so much of a schedule for things outside of that. We just do when we have a chance. Like now.
Then there was Thanksgiving and the kickoff of the holiday season. More stuff to do.

Despite this being a busy month, NaBloPoMo has been fun. I feel invigorated about blogging again. Something kicked in that I had been missing. The spark. Not having to write the "perfect" post—just writing. Sharing. Expressing. After today I have just four more posts.
Perhaps on Saturday I'll take the day off.


Anonymous said...

You did good!

Mr. Fabulous said...

I'm proud of you, girl!

Mel said...

Good job! I have made it so far too, I might take saturday AND sunday off LOL

Nobody™ said...

Great job so far. Just don't go back to be a blogging slacker again. I've enjoyed the more random post topics this month.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

shades—Now if I can just get through these last 4 days.

fab—Thanks! Could you make me a certificate or something? Perhaps a NaBloPoMo Sculpey?

mel—I like that idea even better.

nobody—Awww...the way we used to blog.