Monday, September 3, 2007

sun kissed—best shot monday

I finished my wine walking through the backyard Wednesday night. I stopped at the garden and picked the ripe tomatoes off their vines. A large handful of grape tomatoes and a single beefsteak were my take for the night. Without my basket and with only one free hand I opted to put my harvest in my empty wine glass. The tiny tomatoes nestled in the bottom and the one plump guy resting on the rim like a makeshift lid. As I walked into the house and set the glass on the counter I thought to myself, "Life is good."

It's My Best Shot Monday pick this week. What's yours?

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fuzzymuffin said...

When I eat grapes I put them in a wineglass instead of a bowl. Conclusion, fruit looks good in a wine glass.

Vegas Princess said...

Ooo I like this! If I get my new camera perhaps I will participate in Best Shot Monday next week.

Now I want some wine.

Anonymous said...

:) I love reading about your garden, your plants, etc... I'm glad you were able to continue to keep up with those things with the new little addition and all! He will surely grow up with his momma's appreciation of it all!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Life IS good. You are also a winner!

Kym said...

Love the picture of the tomatoes in the wine glass! Kenslee prefers to pick our tomatoes when they are green, and put them in Daddy's pockets. Last night she picked some and brought them to me, however I was wearing a skirt and did not have pockets. For some reason her little mind seems to think they can only go in a pocket, not in a hand, so she leaned down and picked up my skirt to look for a pocket. It was hilarious and Tim and I just stood there amazed at what her little mind was thinking, and what our neighbors must have thought! I almost died of embarassment!

I'm curious, did you ever eat that cucumber???