Wednesday, August 1, 2007

normal media viewing may now resume

For months it seemed that I was constantly trying to avoid hearing a spoiler about some form of entertainment that I was interested in. First it was The Sopranos. We don't have cable and would borrow a recorded version from friends of ours each week after the episode aired (the same friends who turned us onto the show). We would rarely get the tapes before the Wednesday after it aired and as the episodes dwindled down to the single digits it got increasingly hard to avoid hearing something. But we prevailed.

Then it was Pirates 3: At World's End. Although the movie came out in May and I had been excited to see it since Pirates 2 was still showing in theaters, we waited until just a few weeks ago to see it. We had movie passes and wanted to use those so we waited until we could. That way, a movie with popcorn and soda only cost us $10 instead of $30. When the final bit aired after the closing credits I couldn't help but be elated that, once again, I managed to avoid hearing ANYTHING about the movie.

The final quest began a month or so ago and escalated to almost impossible status on July 21st. Yep, the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I wasn't one of the many who stood in line—or even bought the book. There were so many people I knew that would let me borrow it when they were done. The first one to finish was my Mom. She got the book on Saturday afternoon and it was in my hands by Thursday of last week. I have been completely avoiding newscasts, Yahoo! headlines, and blog posts about HP for many, many days. I even purposely opted to not mention that I was reading it (or even interested) here for fear of being told something I hadn't gotten to yet—whether by accident or malice.

I finished it a couple hours ago.

Normal media viewing may now resume.


Lynda said...

LOL. I still haven't bought the book. Of course, I haven't read book 6 yet, either. I came in late in the game, and read so much Harry Potter, I needed a break.

Tim said...

My vacation started the day it was released. Must have seen 100 people reading it throughout the week.

I'm doing a similiar thing right now with the World Series of Poker. I'm doing everything possible to not find out who won so I'm surprised when I watch it. The only thing I heard was Montel Williams was the chip leader after the first day which is hilarous.

Cruel Shoes said...

I'm on Chapter 12, and even though I'm not Potter-crazed, I am desperately trying to avoid all spoilers. Sometimes it can be hard... I still remember when I was reading "Half Blood Prince" and didn't realize at the time that I read an actual spoiler about who dies. It was on a sarcastic website and I thought they were kidding. I was PISSED when I got to that part in the book and saw that damn spoiler was real!

Anyway, I'll let you know when I am done with it. I mean, I HAVE to read it, otherwise I won't know what happened and that would make me crazy. (And my sister--who read it in less than 2 days-- is breathing down my neck, dying to 'talk about it' so I have family obligations to deal with, as well)

Vegas Princess said...

So? What did you think? I too wanted to avoid all the media craze sounding this book and read before it got ruined for me. Too many times I find out the ends to things that would have been so much more enjoyable being discovered on my own. I don't understand people who insist on ruining things for other either. While I was in line for the book (yes I WAS one of those crazies) people wanted to talk about stuff they read on the internet about the pages posted there. Until we all threatened him with bodily harm if he revealed a peep. I think it was my pepper spray that convinced him to keep his mouth shut.