Thursday, August 9, 2007

in the toilet

The Potty Training Answer Book

I recently received a copy of The Potty Training Answer Book by Karen Deerwester. While I certainly am not ready for this phase yet—as you all know Gideon is just 4 months old—I was eager to get my hands on another useful parenting resource. That's why I was happy to review the book at Sourcebooks' request.
It's a small paperback book that fits nicely in your hand—or on your bathroom shelf. Despite the book's small stature inside are answers to over 200 of the top questions asked by parents. The format of the book is great. Each of the 9 chapters start out with a list of questions. It allows the time-crunched parent (and what parent isn't crunched for time) to quickly scan the list and find the question that has been plaguing their potty impaired minds.

Questions like:
  • What's the "Happy Potty" song?
  • How do I encourage my child to "make friends" with a potty chair or potty seat?
  • What do I do if my child is seeking out unusual places to poop?
  • How do I respond to "peeing contests"?

These questions alone make me want to read the book. They entertain me and frighten me at the same time. Who knew that behind the sofa would seem like an acceptable place to defecate?

In addition to the answers to all those questions, The Potty Training Answer Book also includes four appendices:
  • Appendix A: Potty Books, Videos, and Stories
  • Appendix B: Potty Songs, Rhymes, and CDs
  • Appendix C: Potty Training Games
  • Appendix D: Potty Training Resources
I think it's a great resource for all your potty training questions.

What's that? You want to know the "Happy Potty" song? Okay, just this once.

Happy potty to me.
Happy potty to me.
I'm learning where to pee.
Happy potty to me!
Happy potty to me.
Happy potty to me.
I'm learning where to poopie.
Happy potty to me!

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Lynda said...

I'll have to remember to send my mom the potty song.

Think Frustrated said...

My daughter started potty training, officially, yesterday. She's been occassionally going on the potty, but still wore a diaper. We went out and bought her "big girl underpants," and she was thrilled to wear them. No pull-ups. We just have been putting her on the pot every 30 minutes and constantly asking her, "Where do you go pee," to which she replies, "On the potty." No accidents so far. Last night, we wanted to put a diaper on her and she freaked out screaming, "I don't need a diaper anymore." We finally got it on her and got her to sleep. She woke up dry, then went on the potty. Who needs a book?

Fantastagirl said...

Tink woke up on her 3rd birthday and declared, "I a big girl, no diapers" and that was the end of it - no accidents, wakes up dry, and I have no idea what we did to make it work, as she just did it on her own.

Each child is different, just remember that sometimes they don't follow a plan or schedule.

Anonymous said...

I read this yesterday and had that song stuck in my head all day. Thanks.