Monday, July 2, 2007

how to get no work done

1:35: Decide to put Gideon in his chair and do some work in the office.

Gather boy, chair, bink, dog/blankie combo & laptop on multiple trips to office.
Clear stack of CDs to another part of desk.
Remember that I was putting them in my iTunes library and decide that I'll multi-task that while doing some work.
Put in The Concert for Bangladesh disc 2 to import.
Plug in camera and open iPhoto to import photos real quick.
Check Google reader for updates. Read one. Gideon starts to fuss.

Gather boy, bink, dog/blankie combo & head to nursery.
Read I Love You Stinky Face & rock Gideon.
Put Gideon down for nap.
Hope phone doesn't ring for next half hour or so.

Get piece of cake.
Peak in nursery on way to office.
See that boy is on his belly (mama don't like that) and roll him gently back 3 times while trying not to wake him.

Write this post.
Unplug camera.
Change CD.
Get water.
Boy is on his belly again! Roll back. Again.

Now I'm ready. I'll let you know how that goes.

Check mail.
Decide this is really cute.
Switch CD.
Open up 5 tabs in Firefox.
Still not working.

Gideon's up.
Get him out of crib.
Bring him to office. Spits up.
Wipe up spit up.
Take abnormally fussy boy back to nursery.
Change diaper.
Wipe up more spit-up.
Get Boppy.
Start nursing.

Done nursing.
Baby sleeping in lap.
Need coffee.
Still haven't done any work.


Beebers said...

holy heck, pixie. this is birth control!

Lynda said...

hehe. At least Gideon has had a productive day!

DutchBitch said...

Ahhh... the perks of being a working mummy... isn't life grand? ;-)

Vegas Princess said...

I have to agree with Beebers...I do enough procrastinating on my own!

Anonymous said...

I was going to say something and now I've forgotten what it was...

...something about something my sister used to do or some item she purchased to keep my niece in a certain position and prevent her from rolling over...?

Fantastagirl said...

We had a wedge that kept Tink and Pan on their side... I wish I knew who made it, cause I'd send you the link. Perhaps he is too old for it now anyway.

and that is why working from home mommy's have to have a nanny/sitter type person.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Now I remember why I don't have any kids...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful little boy will be just fine sleeping on his belly - I promise! Especially since he's old enough to get there on his own. However, did have thing I laid Aria on that had roll on each side that kept her from rolling over.

Now I now why you couldn't have company!

Think Frustrated said...

My daughter always slept on her belly. We just let her. She didn't die.

Leezer said...


Oh, I remember those days!! You're doing a great job, and your boys are happy!