Monday, June 18, 2007

wanna go hang out at the mall?

Saturday evening Josh and I decided to pack up Gideon and head to the mall. The last time I was at the mall was around Christmas time last year. Is that sad? Seven months since I've been to the mall. To say I'm not crazy about the mall is an understatement. It's a place for teenagers and people with disposable income. I'm neither. So why were we going to the mall then? On a Saturday night no less?

Borders and Lindt. I had a gift card for Borders Books that I got back in December—another way that I know I haven't been to the mall in so long. That was the main reason we were heading out there. I thought as long as we were driving across town I would get a piece of really good chocolate and we could grab some dinner. I got my chocolate—an Intense Pear Dark Chocolate bar but had trouble picking something out at the bookstore. As we were walking out of the store empty handed I spied a book on one of the display tables that caught my eye. It was a nice sized hardback with a bright red cover with shiny gold letters. I recognized the title right away: The Dangerous Book for Boys. I had heard about it somewhere months ago and thought it sounded super cool.

It's a book full of information every boy should apparently know. And it's so cool. After briefly flipping through it I knew I had to have it. Who cares that I'm not a boy. There is so much stuff in it. We grabbed a copy and headed back into the bowels of the store to the cash register. It was listed at $24.95 and was 30% off. Perfect. It wouldn't technically cost me a dime. We went to Claddagh's for dinner and split an appetizer and an entree (and brought home leftovers). Gideon was good the entire time we were at the mall and we got a little table in the back of the restaurant which was nice and secluded for us. So for $30 we got two bars of chocolate, dinner, and a new book. Not to bad for a Saturday night at the mall.

If you think I'm kidding about the book being FULL of cool stuff, here's a shot of just part of the table of contents.
How cool is that?


Jen said...

Sounds like a good time to me! I think you got some cool stuff!

Nobody™ said...

Cool book, but I don't need to know what a vacuum is, its Mrs Nobody's job to vacuum, LOL!

Blogarita said...

The pub sounds great!

I'd love that book. We used to have a lot of kids' (boys and girls) how-to books growing up and I read them all over and over again!

Christina said...

I have been to Barnes & Nobles and Borders three times in the last two days (long story) and I keep seeing that book! I'm so curious about it but I haven't had a chance to even flip through it. Now I'll have to, it sounds fascinating.
I'm glad you guys had such a nice eveing!!

Cruel Shoes said...

Gideon is going to *love* finding that book one day. And then you'll wonder why the hell he is talking in Navajo Code Talk, and will plead with him to go back to conversational English! :)

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Jen—It was fun. And a lot less infested with teens than I thought it would be.

nobody—You are too funny.

blogarita—It was really yummy. I'd go back and try some other things off their menu, everything sounded good.

christina—Josh is reading it right now. Check it out, it could be a great book for Chase someday.

cruel shoes—At least I'll be able to understand him.

The Bents said...

From bow and arrow skills to learning about astronomy, now THAT is quite the reference book. Maybe I should read it. LOL I could learn a thing or two.

Vegas Princess said...

I might have to check that book out..might help me understand my husband better.

Fantastagirl said...

I think I'll need to get that book for the boys in this house - looks great!

Think Frustrated said...

Looks cool. Except for excluding a chapter on "How to get chicks," and "How to hit your brother in the head with a broom and make it look like his fault."