Thursday, June 14, 2007

fkt—baby wearing edition

The ever so clever Egan has resurrected his "Fully Klothed Thursdays" lately. FKT is Egan's spoof on another popular day-themed post known as HNT (Half Nekkid Thursday). I've participated a few times in the latter, but never in the former. Until now. Egan—my FKT contribution this week is for you and the Mrs.—offering a glimpse into your near future.

Articles of Klothing:
lounge pants

baby (also fully klothed in bug onesie, pants, and diaper)


egan said...

Oh sweet picture Pixie. I love this and we've got a new recruit already. Gideon will do us proud no doubt. Thanks for playing along.

Christina said...

Pixie -- you look great! Have you lost all your baby weight? Way to go!! You'll have to tell me your secret. And that baby is the greatest looking accessory I've ever seen. Way better than a pair of Leboutins.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Egan—Thanks! We took this picture last Saturday and I knew it would be a perfect FKT.

Christina—Thanks to you too! Actually, yes, I have lost all my baby weight (and am now working on a bit extra). What's my secret? One word—nursing. I totally had to look up those shoes, btw.

Think Frustrated said...

Are you wearing two pairs of socks?

Cruel Shoes said...

I agree with look great! Way to go on losing all that baby weight. Just don't ever lose that baby weight that's currently strapped to your chest in a snugli! :)

The Bents said...

A bra? Shoes?.... *gasp*... a clean t-shirt? Impressive!!! Seriously, I almost don't remember what those are anymore. LMAO

Naynayfazz said...

I am a little late coming in on this but I too think you look great for just having a baby recently. I wish I could breast feed and lose some weight.