Thursday, March 1, 2007

happy anniversary

Four years ago today we recited our hand written vows, ate amazing food, danced the night away, and became husband and wife. It's been amazing everyday since then—even if we are just sitting on the couch, watching TV.

Happy Anniversary, you're the best.


Naynayfazz said...

Happy anniversary! Your present will be arriving VERY SOON! :)

Josh said...

I love Baby!

Josh said...

You Baby! I love you!

radar said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

Love you guys!

Think Frustrated said...

Josh should grow a beard.

Happy Anniversary.

Leezer said...

Pixie and Josh:
Happy Anniversary!!

P.S. Enjoy your last Anniversary together. It's all about the kids from here on out!

Fantastagirl said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Jen said...


Josh said...

I am unable to grow a beard. In fact that is a prosthetic goatee.

DutchBitch said...

Happy Happy Happy Anniversary!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary,
Happy Anniversary,
Happy Anniversary,
Haaaappy Anniversary!

Much love,

Laurie said...

Happy Anniversary!

We were so trashy our hand written vows were written on line, crumpled up paper. But only my mom still reminds me of that (12 years later).

Hope you guys hae a great one!