Friday, March 9, 2007

give them them the old razzle dazzle

Wednesday night my Mom and I went and saw Chicago—the theatrical production, not the city. She happened onto a pair of free tickets last week and called me up to see if I wanted to go. I didn't have to work that night so I was totally up for it. After I made the commitment my Mom would joke that that would be the day I go into labor—obviously it wasn't as I'm still very much pregnant. Neither one of us were too pressed about it though since the tickets were free—if we made it great, if not, she'd pass them along to someone else that could use them.

We did make it and it was really good. It's not really anything like the movie. It's so much better. Very sexy costumes and voices that could really sing with power. The leads were great, the show was full of humor, and the gentleman who played the lawyer—Billy Flynn—was none other than Luke Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard (Tom Wopat). One of the really interesting things about the set is that the band was up on stage as part of the set and the cast would interact with them throughout the production. That's the first time I've seen the band set-up that way. I looked for a picture to show you all, but couldn't find one on the old internets.


Naynayfazz said...

I actually like the movie more than the stage production. I saw the show in 2001 with Bebe Neuworth (from Cheers) and she was awesome! I love that show a lot. If you like that show, you should see Cabaret. They too have the band onstage.

Christina said...

I've never seen the movie OR the actual play, but I want to. I can't bring myself to watch the movie because Renee Zellweger drives me bananas. I'm glad that you guys had such a nice time!

Cookie said...

I had a landlord once that looked like Tom Wopat. To this day, I only remember him as Tom Wopat. I never really knew his name. We always called him Tom, even when we were directly addressing him.

Poor Tom Wopat, or whatever his name was.

Lynda said...

That sounds really cool! And you're STILL pregnant? Tell the kid to speed it up. =D

Actually, reading your other post kind of reminded me of when my sister got to that point.

Jen said...

OH HOW COOL! I'm so glad you got to go! I wish I did more things like that!

I saw the movie in theatre, and I just watched it on dvd last weekend while cleaning the house. Love it.

"Cell Block Tango" is my favorite... my husband is scared that I like that song.

Mad Ethel said...

I love going to shows like that. Sounds like a blast!

I'm with Lynda. You're still pregnant? Wooo!