Wednesday, December 27, 2006

my brain hurts

How is it Wednesday already? Christmas being on a Monday really threw me off day wise. It feels like it should be Tuesday. That's one less day I have now until I have to go back to work. I'm sure all of you who are already back don't feel for me. Understandable.

Thanks to all of you who expressed sympathy over the breaking of our oven. The part is supposed to come tomorrow and hopefully that will do the trick. I've managed without it so far but am looking forward to having a fully functioning stove again. Thursday I made jambalaya on the stove and Friday we went out to dinner for a friends birthday. We had a party to go to on Saturday (which I didn't have to make anything for) and Sunday (which I took a cold appetizer to). Monday we went to my Mom's in the morning (which I take a breakfast casserole to each year and we bake it there). Dinner on Monday was at my sister-in-laws house, so again no cooking. Last night we started our childbirth classes and Josh and I grabbed a pizza on the way home since the class runs from 6:30 to 8:30.

Anyway, with my extra time off I'm hoping to get things sorted around the house. We picked up paint yesterday for the nursery and plan on having that finished within the next few days. Then we can start assembling furniture and what not and getting that together. I also have a ton of files and assorted things to organize. It's amazing that we've been in the house a year now (+5 days) and there is still a box or two in the basement to address. How does that happen?

Oh, and the baby got presents for Christmas too. Really excellent stuff. Go check it out.

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Nobody said...

I'm messed up about the days too, I planned out my work week and realized I was short a day. Now I have to work twice as hard one day to get it all done.