Sunday, December 31, 2006


Mad Ethel asked...
toilet paper on the seat, or hover?

Definitely a hover. I've done the paper on the seat, but what about the times when you put the paper down and up pops a wet spot? Eww...I'd rather hover.

Blogarita asked...
Any unusual pregnancy cravings?

Just a couple. Very early on I had a craving for cheddar cheese sauce that resulted in us buying a 6 pound can of cheese—that was the smallest size available. Needless to say, we ate a lot of cheese a lot of different ways back in August. The only other real craving I've had has been for 100% unsweetened grapefruit juice. I can't get enough of that stuff. It just tastes so good to me. Nice and tart.

Naynayfazz asked...
Where did you go to college?

University of Toledo

Favorite band or singer?

The Beatles (and George Harrison's solo stuff), Pink Floyd, Tom Petty

What is your biggest fear, if any, regarding childbirth?

Hmm...I guess lacking the ability to create the same kind of relationship with my kid(s) that we have with our parents. My Mom and I have an amazingly close relationship that I'd be lost without and Josh's parents are wonderful people as well who we are lucky enough to have close to us.

Nobody asked...
Why ask why?

Why not?

Ms. Yoda asked...
Who are you?

Why, I'm Pixie—a 30 year old design instructor from Toledo. Artist, wife, daughter, first-time mother to be. Compassionate, funny, laid back, a foodie, music lover, friend. Isn't that enough?

Josh asked...
What is your name?

You know that.

What is your quest?

To find the grail.

What is the air speed velocity of an unlading swallow?

African or European?

DutchBitch asked...
Are you looking forward to cleaning up pee for years to come?

Looking forward to it? Not really. seems that regardless of how old your "boy" is you're bound to wipe up some pee now and then. How's it been for you so far? ;)

And where the hell is my Mr Right and what is keeping him?

Apparently he's not on those dating sites you're utilizing. Perhaps he's here in the states. Maybe you should take an extended vacation over here (hopping from state to state and starting at Mr. Fab's) looking for your Mr. Right.

Cookie said...
I visited a friend who was visiting his mother for the holiday Thursday night. His 3 year old daughter was there. I am good friends with his ex ,the girl's mom. The girl went to the bathroom and asked me to go with her. She pooped. It took a few minutes of her standing there afterwards, turning little circles, before I realized she wanted me to wipe her butt.

then asked...
Are you ready to wipe someone else's butt?

First, great story.
Second, I think when it's your own spawn's bodily functions it's not so bad. So, that will be okay—I guess—but I don't want anyone else knocking on my door looking for a wipe.

Vegas Princess asked...
Have you stored up extra sleep reserves yet?

Nope. Never enough extra sleep. Last night I couldn't get to sleep until after 4 a.m. I think my body is just naturally preparing itself for those late night/early morning feedings.

Fantastagirl asked...
sooo are you going to have pain medicine for the labor and delivery?
and added...
I soooo recommend an epidural....good stuff I tell you...good stuff.

I'm on the fence about this one. I really don't want a giant needle put that close to my spine, but I would like to be comfortable. Everyone I know keeps telling me take the epidural. I probably will end up with it, but I don't know.


Jen said...

Witty, entertaining answers! All of them!

I couldn't think of anything to ask.

Someday you should pop over and ask me something you're dying to know...

DutchBitch said...

Thanks for the reply! I am saving up for my Mr Right Trip as we speak!

Happy New Year!

Think Frustrated said...

I was on vacation so I missed this.

1. Beatles. Yes. I got two new records for my collection. I'm framing all their records as wall art. I got Help! and The Beatles '65. Here's how I see it:

Harrison: Genius. Creativity was squashed by John's ego.

McCartney: Most musically inclined Beatle. Understood chord progession. Had a lot to do with George learning how to compose music. Great voice.

Lenon: Creative Beatle with huge Ego, but still a great all-around. His competitiveness with Paul made the Beatles the great band they were and resulted in genius songs.

Ringo: Ritchie Starkey. Great, great drummer. That's it. Solo career sounds like a big bomb being dropped from the sky, but without the explosion part. Still, very funny and very nice guy. (Billy Shears).

2. Epidural. My wife's wore off as she was going into hard, hard labor, and she ened up not receiving the benefits of the drug. However, as a side effect, she has bad back pain and back spasms. Probably a result of injecting drugs into her spine, doctor says. She basically went natural and screamed like a banshee. No big deal.

3. My late question:
Greatest Beatles album ever?

I like Abbey Road for it's creative efforts, but my fave is Revolver for it's corner-turning effect on the boys' careers.

Also, read Bob Spitz's Beatles Bio. It's awesome. Awesome. He also did Dylan. Awesome. Awesome.

(I'm not a Beatles fan. I'm effing obsessed.)

Slick said...

A Beatles girl?? Cool, but what about the Rolling Stones?? :)

All this pee and poop talk. As much as a germaphobe as I am, it wasn't so bad.

You're gonna be awesome at it Pixie, as well as the "mothering" type too!

Ms. Armsweat said...

I had an epidural once, and I wasn't even going into labor. They had to do it to inject cortisone to the herniated disc in my lower spine. I think it was more the anticipation of the needle than the actual experience, for me. It felt like a bee sting. And then my legs were comfortably numb. Ahhh.

Anyway, best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy. and don't will be just fine! What a great New Year you're going to have. :)