Saturday, November 25, 2006

is it really November 25th already?

I love a long holiday weekend. It's nice to wake up and realize that it's Saturday morning and you don't have to be back to work until noon on Tuesday. Add to that the fact that it is near 60° here in Ohio and this is one sweet weekend.

Thanksgiving was great. Lots of great food and excellent company. Everyone seemed to have a good time and I was happy to have my Grandmother there with us. Usually we go to the in-laws and my Step-dad's parents for Thanksgiving and although Gam (that's my Grandmother if you're having trouble keeping up) is always invited to the latter, she always declines and ends up alone on Thanksgiving. Not this year and I think that meant a lot to her. As I said, the food was great which was good since I made 3 things I had never done before. Our menu consisted of the following items:

Deviled Eggs (Yum! Why don't we have these more often?)
Beef Dip with Bread & Crackers (this is so good, my Mom made this one per my request because it's so good and we don't have it that often)
Veggies & Dip
Pickles & Olives

Main Meal:
Turkey (Not as hard to cook as I imagined—and it didn't turn out dry)
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Stuffing (Old family recipe I had never made before—delicious)
Sweet Potato Casserole (New recipe from America's Test Kitchen—Excellent, made with fresh sweet potatoes [none of that canned crap] and a crunchy pecan topping instead of the too sweet marshmallows—that one's a keeper)
Green Bean Casserole
Hawaiian Rolls

Pumpkin Pie
Fudge Brownines

I also made some hot spiced apple cider from some cider from the local orchard (along with a myriad of other beverages). We were all so stuffed and Josh and I have a ton of leftovers. I made a quasi-shepard's pie yesterday and plan on making some turkey soup today or tomorrow to freeze. Then there the always yummy turkey sandwiches and the inevitable munching on the other leftovers. Hope your Thanksgiving (or Thursday) was as fulfilling as ours.


Mr. Fabulous said...

I will be expecting an invitation to your house next year for Thanksgiving. Yum!

Naynayfazz said...

You menu sounded delicious. I love deviled eggs also. I haven't had them in SO long. Maybe I will make them for Christmas. Yum.

Blogarita said...

It all sounds yummy, Pixie!

We didn't have enough leftover turkey for sandwiches :(. Maybe just enough to put in soup or casserole.

Lynda said...

What? You are dissing my marshmellows?

Actually, Dan doesn't like them on the sweet potatoes (or yams) either.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Fab—You'd drive all the way from Florida for one meal?

Naynay—Maybe only having them a couple of times a year is what makes us appreciate them so much.

Blogarita—We had 10 people over for dinner and a 16.5 lb turkey. Nobody took any leftovers.

Lynda—If marshmallows are your perogative then so be it. I wanted a contrasting texture so we did a pecan topping for crunch with the nice soft yams (which were cut into one inch cubes and have of them broke down to a sort of mashed consistency and half were still chunks). It was awesome.

Vegas Princess said...

You are making me drool on my keyboard. I totally missed out on yummy food this year so I am so sad.

Fantastagirl said...

That sounds soo good - deviled eggs are one of my favs and I didn't get that this year.

We have the America's Test Kitchen cookbook (more like dictionary - it's so thick) love it - many great recipes in there!