Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How I spent my summer vacation*

*And by my summer vacation I mean last Saturday, but "How I spent my Saturday" didn't sound like as cool of a title. Trust me, Saturday was excellent and you'll so want to read all about it.

Saturday morning Josh and I went to our hometown street fair. It happens every year during the third week in August and although it may be a bit lame and redundant we go every year out of habit. Part of it is literally in front of Josh's parent's house so we head over there to park and then the two of us do a couple of laps around the fair, looking at the wares of the merchants and chatting with people we haven't seen in awhile. Both sides of our family usually attend and have for years. We got down there about 11:30 and my Mom was already down there. We ran into her and she was super excited to show us the gift that bought for us. Here it is.

Isn't it super cute! And, nicely unisexual so regardless of the Wee One's gender, he/she will look ultra-adorable in it.

Early that evening Josh and I went out to dinner at the Whitehouse Inn—a little unassuming restaurant 20 minutes away that neither one of us had been to. It was really great and we will definitely be eating there again. We started out with an Artichoke Dip appetizer that came with crusty multi-grain bread. Yummy. For entrees Josh had Chicken Oscar (for those of you that don't know, the "Oscar" part means it was topped with crab, asparagus and hollandaise sauce) with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and French Onion Soup and I had Prime Rib with Sweet Potato Fries and House Salad with Ranch Dressing. Excellent. It had been a long time since I had Prime Rib and it was everything I hoped it would be.

But the highlight of the evening came after dinner. We got back to the house and when I walked in I was serenaded by 30 of my closest family and friends singing Happy Birthday. Josh set up this wonderful surprise party that I had absolutely no idea about. It was so great. All of these people that I love & care about, there to celebrate my birthday. I've never had a surprise party thrown for me and I was clueless. I couldn't believe all the people I saw as I rounded the kitchen corner and looked into the living room. It was a sea of smiling faces. Josh's sister helped with the whole thing and there was snacks, drinks, cake, and my Mom's famous Key Lime Pie. Our friends brought lottery tickets for the "Tree o' Luck" and signed a big "Happy 30th Birthday" poster that my niece and nephew colored for me. There was also lots of lovely gifts from the family. When it was all over my sister-in-law stayed to do the dishes and help clean up.

Thanks babe. It was awesome!

Oh, and if you are following along with the development of the Wee One you can get to the blog by clicking on the "baby blog" link over there in the sidebar. See it? Up there towards the top. Okay, no excuses then.


Mad Ethel said...

LOVE the onesie. Too cute. That will be my favorite part of being pregnant - buying baby clothes. And reading what you guys had to eat is torture. I don't get to go to lunch for another 40 minutes and all I have at home are some turkey slices and bread. :(

Nobody said...

I can't stand hollandaise sauce. I love prime rib and can make a pretty tasty one.

And Happy Birthday to you. Sounds like you had an excellent day.

Jen said...

What a nice time!

The MERKIN MAN said...

Congratulations on your birthday and your impending motherhood.

I will be a daddy for the first time in December, so I know how excited you must be.

Oh, and anything Oscar sounds awesome!

fuzzymuffin said...

That is the cutest little outfit ever!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Birthdays...babies...it's all coming together now!

Vegas Princess said...

I LOVE that outfit! Very hip!

How great a surprise. Happy Birthday again by the way!! Now did you tell everyone your big news or just your close family and friends?

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

Whoa, how sweet! And Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god!! I LOVED Maumee Days!! I'm so jealous!! I still remember the year that I had mono and wasn't supposed to go anywhere, but Grandma sneaked (?) me there and made me sit down every 20 min and rest so I wouldn't be too tired and my mom wouldn't find out!

I'm glad you had a good birthday!! Welcome to the 30s! I don't know how you managed it as you are, I couldn't have managed my 30th birthday without the large quantities of alcohol I ingested. But I guess that you're going to be a mom now, you have to be mature and stuff, huh?


❉ pixie ❉ said...

Vegas Princess—the word is travelling fast. You've got to figure, once I've announced to the blogsphere, it's open season.

utenzi said...

Tie dyed baby clothes? I guess you need to start them off right, Pixie. No doubt the baby will be recycling cans, eating granola and bean curd, and listening to the Dead before you know it. ;-)

Leezer said...

Happy Birthday Pixie!! Of course you will be an awsome Mom!! Isn't a suprise party a kick?

Dave Morris said...

Ahem... ahem...

"Happy birthday toooo yoooouuu,
Happy biirthdaaaaay to yoooooooooouuu.

Happy BIRTHDAAAAAAYYYYY dear Jewellsyyy,
Haaaaapppy Biiirthdaaaaayyyy tooooooooo


I suck. But happy birthday.

❉ pixie ❉ said...


Dave Morris said...

Oh yeah, take the weakest part of my warm birthday wish and pick it apart mercilessly. ;)

By the way, I'm not a big fan of surprise parties... but this one sounds like it was done up right!

Mel said...

Happy belated birthday!!! I had a surprise party for my 30th too, many years ago LOL.

The tie dyed baby outfit is just soooooo cute!! Its too cute really! I love it.

I am here via MR fab but will be back. See I read FuzzyMuffin too, so you have good taste I can tell :)

Sudiegirl said...

Happy birthday...and that onesie is SO CUTE!!!

I love tie-dye stuff. Anything that makes babies look like Grateful Dead fans is OK in my book.

BTW, Mr. Fabulous referred me, but don't worry...I'll still come back.