Tuesday, July 25, 2006

jack shit

I've really got nothing today, so tell me:

1. How do you feel about the color pink? Guys that means you too.
2. Tattoos & Piercings?
3. Gary Coleman or Webster?
4. Anagrams & Palindromes?
5. Food Network?


dave said...

1) The pink, eh?. Very muscular.

2) Can be cool, but cannot *make* a person cool. Thus, if you are not cool to begin with, these are things best avoided. Eyebrow piercings are stupid looking on most everyone, as are asian symbols.

3) Why must I choose?

4) It's a pity than neither Anagram nor Palindrome actually *is* an anagram or a palindrome. I love both word plays though.

5) Food network is porn for fat people, no?

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Dave—I thought the same thing about anagram and palindrome. I wondered how long it would take me to make an anagram out of those words. I decided it was too much work and dismissed it.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Whoops, that should be the color pink, or just pink. Better go fix that.

dave said...

heh, not asking about the singer then? Too bad. Now I how to formulate an opinion about the color...

starbender said...

Just what I needed-a test!

1. I luv pink! It screams happy!
2. 2 each his own.... I don't have any....
3. Tiny Gary!
4. Luv 'em
5. Yum Yum Yummy!!!

queen of pink said...

1. Hate it. Oh wait, that's not true.
2. Tats, piercings don't do it for on either sex.
3. Arnold on Diff'rent Strokes, grown up Gary is scary. Heh, I rhymed.
4. Palindromes baby, although the occasional anagram can be delightful.
5. Addicted to it. Even my kids love it, we probably have 15 shows tivo'd off of it sitting in our list to watch.

Heather B. said...

1) Pink is my favorite color. I'm unnaturally obsessed. It's really bad. We won't get into the bag/planner/wallet/umbrella combo.

2) I have a tattoo and a piercing (tragus). I actually want another tattoo.

3) Webster

4) Anagram

5) I'm finally getting into the food network. It's soothing no?

The Boy said...

1) The COLOUR Pink - Hate it. Call it cultural absorbtion, but it drives me mad to be around. Too much and I get irratible.

2) Don't get it. Neither does anything for me. Don't object to it mind, but don't get it.

3) Both young Gary and old Gary are a bit scary.

4)What Dave said

5) Food Network? I have a mental image of pipes with little meals squirting along them.

Nobody said...

1. I like pink, it's my daughters favorite color. I don't wear pink.
2. Tattoos & Piercings? Mostly trashy.
3. Gary Coleman
4. Anagrams- who cares? Palindromes- COOL
5. I watch a bit of Food Network. I like "Unwrapped".

Mindless Dribbler said...

Pink is for girls and girlie men. Period.

I have a tattoo...but I hate it. Piercings are for women.

Neither one of them sexually arouse me.

Ana what? Pali what? Huh?

That channel just makes me hungry. it doesn't motivate me to get up and cook though.

Barry said...

Pink? - don't see much use for it in men's styles unless it's a cotton Oxford shirt in the middle of spring.

Tattoos & Piercings? - probably the worst thing one can do to their body, next to smoking. Not at all attractive, sorry.

Gary Coleman or Webster? - You know, I never watched Webster so I can't say. He did remind me of a Gremlin, though. I loved Diff'rent Strokes because I liked Dana Plato :) Coleman was good and funny, but the self-promotion he's done after is pretty lame.

Anagrams & Palindromes? - Palindromes are fun to find "in the wild" and I'm amazed sometimes how coherant the phrases can be. "A Man, a plan, a canal - Panama!" is my favorite. Anagrams are less creative.

Food Network? - We watch it at times. The Scripps network shows (HGTV, Food, DIY, Fine Living) make good background TV and if there's nothing on we just switch it to one of those. I'd love to sit down and try to make some of the recipes on the Food Network, though. The show about how they make certain commercial foods (Gummy Bears, M&M's) is fun.

Chuck said...

1. How do I feel about pink? Well, I guess I better say I like it or someone might be mad at me! ;)

2. Neither do anything for me. Got a bj once from a chick with a tongue piercing and didn't really feel anything special.

3. Definitely Gary. I mean, what you talking about?

4. Er, uh...huh?

5. I loves me some Food Network!! Gotta have my girl Paula tivo'd every saturday morning!

Melissa said...

1. Pink is loverlily

2. They don't particularly do it for me, I have just the eard piered which is only for accesorising purposes, and i'm not too desperate to poor ink into my skin, but you never know i suppose. (I think this was covered over at Egan's at some point)

Melissa said...

3. ummm, i don't know.

4. I love both equally with aaaall of my heart.

5. We don't get Food Network over here. I'm sure it's be fantastic though. And the perfect thing to get ye olde tummy rumbling a fair bit.

Think Frustrated said...

1. Pink is ok on tacos.

2. I've got a few ear piercings and a few tattoos. They're ok. I am not into the gauged ears. When you're 50 and decide you don't like that look, your earlobes are going to have huge stretched out holes in them.

3. Webster. He loved George Popadopolous. Also, he used to come sneaking out from behind that clock. Shazzam!

4. Anadromes. Palingrams.

5. I love Food network. Rachael Rae can cook like a MF (that's motherfucker)

Jen said...

1. How do you feel about the color pink? Guys that means you too.
I have hated it my whole life. Then I started selling Mary Kay duringa time in my life where I was too busy to think before agreeing to things I didn't know I didn't really want to do. Now, I find it eerily fascinating- although I avoid it whenever possible.

2. Tattoos & Piercings? Some piercings can be tasteful...

3. Gary Coleman or Webster?

4. Anagrams & Palindromes?
...uh...I don't have that much brainpower today...

5. Food Network? I should watch it more. I like programs on the history of candy, I know that much...

Tim said...

1. touches of pink is ok.

2. not into tats. piercings, ehhh.. they get old.

3. webster was a novelty. GC was the real thing

4. hands down Palindromes. tug at a gut.

5. no

Kelwhy said...

1. i like some shades of pink, but am very picky about it.
2. tats are cool, i love them and am now addicted to them, i'm a painted lady.
3. little gary - webster was just a pain in the ass kid.
4. anything word related - love word games.
5. YES - oh YES!!!

Lynda said...

1. I like pink.

2. Mine? I only have my ears pierced.

3. I liked Webster.

4. Huh?

5. There is a network with FOOD? Point the way!

BO Snagley said...

1. looks good on my wife and daughter. it clashes with my overalls.

2. got neither. not a fan of tatoos unless i can wash them off after i am tired of them. and i got enough pain without having someone poke holes in me.

3. It would make a great boxing match wouldn't it.

4. they both give me a headache. palindromes are fun if i can concentrate, which i rarely can.

5. i dont have cable, but i do like to eat.

Leezer said...

1. How do you feel about the color pink?

Pink (and orange) are my favorite colors.

2. Tattoos & Piercings? Not to crazy about em.

3. Gary Coleman or Webster? Webster

4. Anagrams & Palindromes? Hate em.

5. Food Network? Love it!!!

Mr. Fabulous said...


I like pink. But I don't look good in it.

They are fine for some, but not for me.

Don't care one bit :)

They can be fun!



Vegas Princess said...

1. Pink - used to hate it, now I love it!
2. Tattoos & Piercings - I have both
3. Gary Coleman or Webster - neither, they both are freakishly scary
4. Anagrams & Palindromes - anagrams, I loved "Angels & Demons"
5. Food Network - never watched it

Thora said...

1. Yes, please. I love pink. Truly and deeply. Hot pink actually evokes emotion from me. It makes me stupidly happy.

2. I like tattoos better than piercings, but I just haven't a clue what to tattoo all over my body - because I think like a half sleeve would be cool - but it's not happening.

3. Webster.

4. Both. But I'm actually quite rubbish.

5. Yes, please. Although, since I gave up watching TV, I'm not as amused as I used to be by TV, Food Network included. And, really, it just makes me say, "Duh. Anyone could make that," or, "That looks rubbishy," or it makes me hungry and causes me to snack.

eph2810 said...

Pink - depends, I like pink flowers...
Tattoos & Piercings: Tattoos not on my body - piercings - ears.
Gary Coleman - hm? Nothing comes to mind.
Anagrams & Palindromes? No clue.
Food Network - great source to get new recipes.:)

Mark Daniels said...

1. Pink reminds me of Pepto Bismol, Don Johnson, Aretha Franklin, Florida, and well, Pink...you know, the singer.
2. No. Totally gross.
3. Gary Coleman because he never attended an award show with Michael Jackson.
4. Palindromes, because I think they can be more interesting and funny.
5. I never watch.

Mark Daniels said...

1. Pink reminds me of Pepto Bismol, Don Johnson, Aretha Franklin, Florida, and well, Pink...you know, the singer.
2. No. Totally gross.
3. Gary Coleman because he never attended an award show with Michael Jackson.
4. Palindromes, because I think they can be more interesting and funny.
5. I never watch.

fuzzymuffin said...

1. Love pink
2. Some tatoos are ok. Hate piercings, especially eyebrow, they don't look good on anyone.
3. Who?
4. What?
5. Huh?

Blogarita said...

1. Too much is nauseating. A little of it looks and tastes great in the middle of a steak. I enjoy a little Pink Floyd now and then. I think it's an attractive color on guys who can successfully wear it. (Spouse Guy isn't one who can.)

2. I do not like tattoos, especially on women (but both Spouse Guy and Daughter have one). Piercings are ok, but again, I think less is more. To me the turn-off is in having too many, not so much where you have them.

3. Cute when they were kids.

4. Love any and all word games.

5. I was surprised that I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. I'd rather have a full-color recipe book with lots of pictures any day.

The Notorious S.O.B. said...

1) Well, since you just mean the color, i'm indifferent really. Its like yellow, I guess: some look good in it, some don't. It does look good w/ gray. Guys wearing pink look odd, though.
2) As long as there arent too many. I got set up on a blind date and I wasnt informed of a nose ring. She just didn't do it for me.
3) Webster obviously - he managed to remain cool as he got older. Coleman just became a "little" prick.
4) Like both, prefer anagrams
5) I like Rachael Ray and the Italian chick. The food network is like porn when you're really hungry...lol

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