Sunday, July 2, 2006

because it's a holiday weekend & I'm basking in the 3-dimensional realm

Really. Are you?

Does direction matter to you? As long as it's there I don't care which way it goes.

This Criss Angel trick is crazy. What an awesome illusion. You must check out the video.

Enjoy the rest of your extended holiday weekend!


Nobody said...

Yes, direction matters. The man is correct in this case.

I'm having a fabulous weekend, hope you do too!

The Boy said...

OK, that video was freaky. Now I want to know what happened afterwards...

❉ pixie ❉ said...

nobody—Is that because of the "unrolling" factor?

the boy—That's all I've seen. Great trick though.

Tim said...

what happened next was the midget in the bottom half of that dress took a shower and went home.

Leezer said...

That video was gross. It kind of made my day, though.

BTW, my Mom and Dad nearly divorced over the TP issue. My Dad thinks doing things his way = LOVE. Mom knows better. They're still married. Personally, I never quite get the roll on the holder and end up sticking it on the back of the toilet.

Have a great Fourth!!!!!

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Tim=every magician's worst nightmare. Don't ruin the illusion...geez.

VoF—"My Dad thinks doing things his way = LOVE." Hilarious. Love the new avatar btw.

RR said...

No, I won't check the flavor of dog food.

Direction Doesn't really matter, but F.Y.I. I hang my paper with the flap over. This is the way they do it in fine hotels. :)

Tim... I bet the leg amputee on the top half goes home and back to work as a phone s** operator.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

RR—You can say sex around here. We're all friends. I mean really, we just discussed the Abraham Lincoln and the Cleveland Steamroller, who's going to be offended by the word sex?

Think Frustrated said...

That isn't as amazing as when he put his hand through that guy, or went through the plate glass window.

BTW, TP has to go flap over. When you buy really fancy TP with the designs on them, if you put it flap under, the designs are upside-down. I'm so obsessive about this that when I'm using someone else's bathroom, I actually correct their TP.

I tasted the dog food. It does taste a little "meatier."

Lynda said...

Ann Landers almost caused riots in the streets discussing this issue.