Friday, June 23, 2006

searching for snatch, random questions, and jack sparrow

You know that you're running a really classy joint when search terms that lead visitors to you include:

savory snatch (holy out of context, I think what I said was, "googling the term snatch would produce some less than savory results)

rub my tadger (I was singing Monty Python in this post)

tinkerbell porn (okay?)

next stall grunting (thanks Alistar! It was your comment that directed them here)

snatch temple (There were lots of people looking for this one. I'm #3, apparently #1 is some porn site)

The fun doesn't stop here, these are just some of the more disturbing ones.

Some questions for you:

Coffee or tea?

Steak or chicken?

Coke or Pepsi?

Paper or plastic?

Do you recycle? Compost?

If a blogger friend wanted to send you something, would you disclose your address?

I am totally geeked about this. Only 2 more weeks!


ducklet said...

Totally geeked out?

I suppose then at this very moment, you have Jack's Gems melting in your mouth?

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Those would be his white pearls right?

queen of pink said...

You would probably feel nauseous if you saw some of the google searches that lead people to me. They make me sick almost daily.

Diet Coke (NEVER EVER Pepsi)
Recycle yes, compost no
Yes, I have disclosed my address. It was a long & hard decision, and usually after many emails. I guess I could have gotten a psycho, but I haven't. I've actually been sent many items, most of them of the flip flop variety. Shocking? ;)

Lynda said...

I had a result for uncontrollable itching because I posted about my nether regions. Also a lot about persistant cough, because of my posts about my sister's lung cancer.
Diet Pepsi
Depends on the blogger friend.

Tim said...

I can eat chicken 5 nights a week, and steak only once. So, I guess chicken.
Caffenie Free Pepsi
Recycle yes, compost no
I've given my address out to several bloggers.

Nobody said...

Hate coffee, tea gives me a terrible headache. Diet Pepsi


Regular Coke but Diet Pepsi


I do recycle all soda bottles and cans. Sometimes glass jars, steel cans, plastic containers. Usually paper. I do not have a compost pile, but I do take all my yard waste to a city compost facility.

Depending on the blogger, I would disclose my address. Two of my regular readers know my address.

Think Frustrated said...

Do use Sitemeter to get these results? I never get results as accurate as some people do, using site meter.

Coffee (but I put milk and sugar in my tea when I drink it)

Chicken (It's the tastiest dead bird around! Plus, I have never ordered a steak in a restaurant. Something about a huge slab of meat is unappealing. I need a bun and some condiments with that.)

Diet Coke with Lime


My tiny little town doesn't offer recycling, and I'm too lazy to drive it myself.

The Boy said...

The things people search for. I used to have this little bot running on my desk that every 15 second pulled the last 10 searhes off of google (these are public) it was horrific what people searched for.

Any how

Tea, tea and more tea.

Both, I am omnivorous and have partook of many a dead animal

Neither, can't stand colas

Paper, then into the recycling it goes

Which means, recycling yes, and composting yes. With five in the family we fill less than one garbage bin every two weeks.

Depends on the blogger, but maybe

Beebers said...

one of my favorite searches was "freakishly long tongue." i mean, really people. who is out there???

coffee, steak, coke, plastic, and i recycle everything (even mail) and i compost all yard clippings and veggies. i think that makes up for using plastic bags. :) and i'd give my address as long as something good was coming. if it was a bag of poop, i'd decline.

Jen said...




Paper or plastic?
What are we talking about here? Bags? Plastic- gotta use 'em to clean out the litter box. Plates? Plastic again, no leakage here. Ummm...what else provides me with those options?

Do you recycle? Compost? In my heart and mind, I do. In real life, no. I would and I suppose now that I live in big city recycling is available to me. Compost- I wanted to, I intended to. I just read an article on how compost heaps are such an inviting tenement for ticks, fleas, etc...and so I've decided not to. Who needs more of those things around?

If a blogger friend wanted to send you something, would you disclose your address?

Yes, via email. If I feel I've known them long enough.

Mad Ethel said...

Depends on what kind of mood I'm in and what the weather is like. Coffee, then tea. No, tea, then coffee. Shit. BOTH! I'm southern, okay?

I would rather a good steak any day.

Coke. Pepsi sucks balls.

I need the plastic to reuse for my bathroom trash can and for emptying cat litter. But when I have a sizeable stash of plastic, I ask for paper or I take my big canvas shopping bag.

I do neither. I suck. Well, I recycled up until our city did away with the curbside service since it was costing them too much money.

I've never been asked. But I have given out my regular personal email address to some and even my blogger password so they could get into my blog to work on the template. But I would only give this info to those I really trust.

Queen of Nothing said...

Diet Coke
Plastic, especially if we're talking money
Recycle: yes
Compost: yes
Address: yes, to my private mailbox

Johnny Depp makes me soooooooooo moist.

Think Frustrated said...

Oh, I forgot one. I would totally share my address as long as the person wasn't a psycho, and they were sending me cash or midget porn.

fuzzymuffin said...

Ooh! dirty bitch!

I always get "Is it ok for me to watch my sister masturbate" It serves me right for posting about the first time someone searched that and got to me.

I like coffee AND tea.


Coke (I love MadEthels "pepsi sucks balls")



Yeah I think so. Why, have you got something to send me?!!

fuzzymuffin said...

Hold the phone. Just checked my site meter and someone got to me by searching "spanking grannies"

❉ pixie ❉ said...

I think I will come up with some sort of contest with prizes—since so many of you are willing to share your addresses.

Blogarita said...

Coffee or tea? Both, but tea if I had to choose.

Steak or chicken? Both

Coke or Pepsi? Either (NO diet, though). Sometimes I mix Pepsi and Coke at the fountain...I call it a Poke.

Paper or plastic? Either; I have secondary uses for both.

Do you recycle? Compost? We recycle, but only compost if we need it.

If a blogger friend wanted to send you something, would you disclose your address? Depends on who it is. A few already have it.

Jen said...

You probably already know but I am behind and just heard on TV that Pirates 3 is already in the works- for next summer.

My sitemeter report never tells me how people find me- what are you all looking at to find such amusing tidbits?

Leezer said...


Your post promted me to review trackbacks to my site. My favorites: "Are Italians circumcized?" (this was how it was spelled), "mens' buttocks photos," and "Gay Colonics."

- Coffee
- Steak
- Plastic
- Coke
- Only when my husband catches me and makes me recycle; and
- Yes

Melissa said...

Both, except I do LOVE a good cappucino

Chicken, unless it's exceptionally yummy steak

Coke, unless t'other is the only option

Paper to write with, plastic to pay with

Sometimes recycle, generally don't compost

And yes I would if I had 'known' (in the blogging sense) them for long enough for me to have no inklings that they may be weird and come to my house and scare me with weirdness.

Ooooo, I'm going all light-headed at the sight of Johny Deppp all pirated-up like. Oof!

Mr. Fabulous said...

I have exchanged gifts with several bloggers. Want me to send you something? :)

Kelwhy said...

Pepsi, but diet coke
yes, no

I would exchange addresses with a blogger friend - but I'm not that easy - you have to earn it first! ;)

tmat1970 said...

coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon...usually
Are you kidding, steak
Cokeley Cola
sheep skin
recycle and compost
probably not

I get "geeked" about a great many things such as good movies, real German beer, El Camino margaritas, a new band, football season in just over a month, and old friends getting back in touch. Oh, and surviving zombie attacks!

Alistair! said...

Hey! Don´t mention it Pixie. Anything for you babe.

suck, willy taking it all.

hehehe, that'll bring the pervs in.

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