Thursday, April 6, 2006

More on Mewes

Today marks the 3 year anniversary of Jason Mewes' sobriety. I'm not sure if the story is over yet or not—part 6 ends without a "to be continued" or a resolution. It's still good reading, and if you haven't been checking Kevin Smith's blog for updates, here's the links to parts 5 and 6.

Me and my Shadow, Part 5
Me and my Shadow, Part 6


Tim said...

Kevin Smith is a saint. I don't know how he put up with so much crap.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Yeah, I'm amazed at the number of chances he gave Mewes and the level of committment he showed. That's an awesome friend.

TinaPoPo said...

Okay, so I've been reading this ALL MORNING thanks to you. It's completely addictive.

I couldn't have done what Kevin Smith did for Jason Mewes.

I'll be back after I finish the rest. I'm on Part 3.

Tim said...

reading these almost makes me want to go back and rewatch dogma and strikes back. But I hated them both the 1st time.

TinaPoPo said...

I never saw Strikes Back. I never thought Jay and Silent Bob were all that funny. Well, I guess they were kind of funny in Dogma. Which I liked a lot. It's on TV like every weekend now.

I just finished reading the most recent entry, Part 6, but it's not done yet. He's still not sober as of the last line.